5 Features You’re Gonna Love in Photoshop CC 2015.1

Photoshop CC Splash Screen

There are Creative Cloud updates rolling out across the world as we speak. Many of the desktop Apps are receiving some nice enhancements. Here are 5 of my favorites in Photoshop CC…

I took the liberty of recording each favorite feature of Photoshop CC as a short video.

Although it’s listed as the 3rd favorite feature video here, this is absolutely my favorite feature of this update!

The Creative Cloud Apps just keep getting better with each update! Photoshop CC is no exception and while these may not be considered major revolutionary enhancements they are the kind that will help me do my work faster every single time I use Photoshop. See what else is new here. Still not on Creative Cloud yet? You can get the Creative Cloud Photography Plan which includes Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop CC for a great price here.

Also check out the rest of my Creative Cloud and Tech/Gadget Review Videos here.

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  • Terry Gardner

    OK Terry, Thanks for the new feature videos. You’re always right on top of all things Adobe. Very informative and greatly appreciated.

  • Joshua Boldt

    You rock! Thanks!

  • Phillip Noll Jr.

    So how do you “Optimize to File Size”?? I use that function all day every day. Is it still an option?

    • That’s still an option in the Legacy Save for Web

      • Phillip Noll Jr.

        Thanks for the reply.

        Does that mean that “Optimize for File Size” will eventually go away? Why isn’t it included in the new interface?

        • The features of Safe for Web will continue to transition over as they have been for the past few updates. Too early to draw conclusions.

          • Phillip Noll Jr.


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  • sakiski

    I tried to export two separate images as you did in the video, but I get a processing loop stuck and the images never export successfully. I am using Windows 10 1511, PS 16.1.1 and Adobe Export 2.4. Everything is 64 bit. Can anyone help?

  • Dan Golden

    Thanks Terry, not my day job, I am a pharmacist and do this for fun. Practicing with your font tips today, just took a screen shot of my computer and put it on top of a layer.

  • Interesting that you singled out Bickham Script as one of your favourites. That font suddenly disappeared from the list with Photoshop CC, and nor is it available via TypeKit. When I contacted the Typkit team I got a lame non answer. It’s a font used by one of my long time clients, so it left me in a fix when I could no long access it. Fortunately I still have CS6 on my laptop, so I was able to copy it across from there.

    I think what annoys more than anything else about this sort of thing, is the total lack of communication from Adobe. Like I said, the TypeKit team mumbled a sort of embarrassed response that said nothing. If Adobe is going to leave Professionals in the lurch, then a brief explanation with a link to where we can buy the missing fonts from, is the bare minimum in keeping with good manners.