My Live Streaming Studio Setup – 2022

2022 UPDATE: Not a lot has changed since my 2021 setup/post. I switched my main camera to a Sony ZV-E10, my demo computer is now a 2021 16″ M1 MacBook Pro and I’m using to multicast each stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Behance. Ok let’s get to it:

Last year when I did this post I started it by saying “as we look to the end of the pandemic” and a year later I could say the same thing. Either way, live streaming is definitely something that is here to stay. Even as live in person events start to make a slow comeback, they are agumented by live streaming for those that aren’t quite ready to go to in person events again. Live streaming is a big part of my day job. I live stream multiple times per week as part of my job at Adobe. I stream live Adobe tutorials regularly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Behance as well. Since this is what I do for a living I’m always looking to improve my production values.

I have been tweaking my dedicated live streaming studio since 2016. Being a photographer I’ve set up a few photography studios and no matter how you equip your studio you can always find more gear that you want and ways to improve it. I’ve been building out this live streaming studio since May 2016. I have everything I “need” to do my streams, but I’m always looking out for ways to improve upon what I have or make it easier to do my streams.

As with a photography studio, your streaming setup can be very basic or very elaborate

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