How To Create a Slideshow in InDesign CC for your Interactive ePUB


In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV I’ll show¬†you how to create a slideshow in Adobe InDesign CC for your interactive ePUB.

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Adobe Project ROME is here! All-in-one Content Creation & Publishing Tool


In case you missed the announcement over the weekend Adobe released a public beta of Project ROME. Project ROME is unlike any other app out there in that it's an all-in-one content creation tool for vector/raster images, video and animations as well as web sites. On the surface ROME appears to be a simple easy to use basic program and that's a good thing. This product is aimed at casual users. However, unlike most basic programs, ROME allows you to go deep if you need to. I was floored with the number of options available.

You can download your copy of ROME here or just use it in your browser! That's the beauty of ROME, it was built entirely as an AIR app.


To get you started I recorded these 5 very short videos:


Working with Vectors



Working with Photos


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