The iPhone is coming June 29th

iPhone coming June 29th

The most anticipated gadget of 2007 is coming June 29th. Apple has announced the ship date of the iPhone in the US via 3 New TV Ads. No idea yet on the final feature set or quantities that will be available, but you can bet that sales will be brisk on day one. So now I’m just waiting to see who will be first to start camping out at their local AT&T or Apple Store to be first in line to get one?

  • I can wait to test this product out, it looks the nuts. Do you know how much it will cost?

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  • Pat

    I wish they would use other carriers.
    I use Alltel because that’s what works best where I live North of Lansing, MI. It’s not by a big city and all the big carriers seem to mostly cover the big cities. Also when I travel North to my parents place in the upper part of the lower peninsula Alltel is one of the only carriers that works well enough. I want a iPhone but I just can’t switch carriers.

    Does anyone know if iPhone would work with a POP mail account. I normally use Thunderbird. I don’t know if it is POP 3 or whatever?

  • terrywhite

    Pat, POP and POP3 are the same thing. The iPhone should work with any standard POP mail account in use today.