How to Publish Your Photos From Lightroom Directly to Google+



In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast I'll show you How to Publish Your Photos from Lightroom Directly To Google+. Special thanks goes out to Tom Roper for leading me to this tip. 

Get the Lightroom Picasa Plug-in here.

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See the resulting Google+ "Recent Work" gallery here.

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  • There is another downside I think, uploads in this manner count against your space in picasa, correct? Versus uploads in the G+ web interface not counting against anything.

    Though, to be honest, I’d upload low res stuff so it’d take a while to fill up personally… but something to consider.

  • Vishal

    Hi Terry i am vishal from India and i want to say thank you to you and all the layers magazine evangelist that i have learned so many things from you and other tutors. If i ever earn some good amount of money then i want to thank you in person.

    And i have one question regarding a tutorial that you showed us to layout in Adobe Indesign and then exporting in EPUB format for IPAD’s. But i have a Question that after laying out the content and publishing in EPUB how can we place the magazine’s or content in Apple’s Store? Like you did showed to place in i-tunes and sync to our Ipad but what about to place the content in app store for free or in monetary terms.


  • Thanks. This is good. Set it fine!
    Now how do you quickly upload images shot on your Iphone in the field to Google+

  • Just watched this and your previous entry on this Terry. Man, you rock! I don’t know why Publish in LR has befuddled me up to now, but your explanation and demo took care of that right quick. Now auto publishing to my G+, 500px, Flickr, Facebook pages all with no problem.
    You made my day Terry, thanks!!

  • Tim

    Terry –

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. Great stuff! I’m attempting to post photos to a Google+ page, however, and it the plugin doesn’t seem to allow this. Any tricks you know for that – or is it just a limitation of using the Picasa backend rather than a direct interface with a Google+ API?


    • There’s no way that I know of to post directly to the stream.

  • Dion V

    Thanks for the tip Terry!

    I am using LR4beta on Win 7 32-bit. I could not get the plugin to see my manual “Recent Stuff” collection until I set the PicasaWeb Smart Album settings to use “contains words” (instead of just “contains” as noted in your video).

    • I’d wait for the release version of LR4 or do it in LR3.

  • This was a big help – thank you! I’ve yet to embrace Google+ (I’ll be interested to hear more from people at PSW this weekend), but I do product reviews sometimes that require a Google+ album. Thanks again, and see you this weekend!