Package Files – Adobe Illustrator CS6 – Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek of a feature that will soon be added to Adobe Illustrator CS6 for Adobe Creative Cloud members and point product subscribers only. The feature is so highly requested that Rufus Deuchler couldn’t help but to sneak it… What you will be able to do is to automatically create a folder that contains all of the elements necessary for working with the file (linked files, fonts, etc…) for archiving purposes or to share with another designer in your workflow.
Package files is only one of the enhancements that will come to Adobe Illustrator very soon, so stay tuned because the time for running your Adobe Application Manager has almost come.
Remember that if you are a current Creative Suite user you can save $20/month for the first year on Adobe Creative Cloud (Offer available to qualified registered users of individual products and suite editions, CS3 or later): This offer is ending very soon…

  • Finally! That´s very usefull. I have my onw copy of Art Files “colector” and I was wandering when you guys will included in Illustrator. I collect files on After Effects, Premiere Pro and InDesing, now, I could with AI. Thanks guys.

  • fj

    This is complete horse____. This should have been added years ago, but the finally release it to sell their cloud service? Am I misunderstanding what you’re saying? Is the Package option ONLY for Adobe Cloud users? Why not give the option to package to my HD? That would be 100x more useful.

    • Revenue Recognition laws prevent companies like Adobe from adding “features” for free to applications once the license has been sold. Since Creative Cloud Membership revenue is being recognized monthly Adobe can add features along the way. Therefore non-CCMembers will have to wait till the next paid upgrade to get new features (as it has always been).
      Yes, it does allow you to package to your Hard Drive, not the cloud.

      • fj

        Thanks for the clarification. I still think there could have been a better way to integrate this… like add it into the original build in the first place (Im sure this was planned). Of course they want to sell their cloud service, so this is one way for members to feel like they’re getting their money’s wort–while leaving the impression of major releases being crippled for the rest of the users. I am sure I wont be the only one complaining about this.

        • I understand your frustration, but your characterization is not accurate. If this feature was ready when CS6 shipped it would have been in the box. It’s still not ready even today, which is why it hasn’t shipped yet even to CCM’s.

          Look at it this way, let’s pretend for a moment that there was no Creative Cloud membership (CCM). This feature wouldn’t have been shown or talked about until CS7, which is when it along with any other new features would have been rolled out into that upgrade.

          You have/had a choice to buy a box product and of course you got whatever features were shipping in those versions. Or you could have gone with a CCM and paid monthly, but gotten the new features as they are ready. There are benefits and disadvantages to both purchase models. This (frequent updates with new features) is also what was promised from the day Adobe introduced CCM.

          • Terry, Every week or so I get a message that part of my CS6 (master Suite – that I spent $1000’s on) needs to be updated. IF this “package” feature if available for cloud CS6 users than when the next update come along on the top of my screen… THIS package feature BETTER be in there OR I dropping adobe forever! (Is this “accurate”) enough for ya!

  • GC

    Did Revenue Recognition laws prevent you from having this in previous versions of illustrator? It’s ridiculous that it’s taken this long for a packaging option to be included in Illustrator to begin with. You have a monopoly on the industry and we have no option but to wait for you to put a packaging feature in the program, and now we have to wait for CS7 to include it. Who’s managing this project and coming up with new features to add? Are they blind to the fact that this feature has been needed in illustrator since well before the CS versions? A program like ArtFiles can do the job, so what’s taking so long? Collusion between artfiles and adobe? I doubt it as i’m sure you want to keep your stranglehold on the industry as long as you can.

  • Matt

    Why on earth has the package option been a feature in InDesign for years and just now is being added to Illustrator? Also, I agree with FJ in that Adobe has obviously thought about the package option for Illustrator as stated from this line in the above article “The feature is so highly requested that Rufus Deuchler couldn’t help but to sneak it… ” but why it’s not been added until now is beyond anyone’s understanding