Navigon 2100 1.2 Update

Although I’m a fan of Garmin GPS units I keep coming back to the one feature I like best about the Navigon 2100 and that’s the 3D Reality View (pictured above). With the Navigon there is no guessing about which lane I should be in.


Good just got better

Navigon quietly released their 1.2 firmware update which provides the following fixes/new features:

  • Improved routing
  • Updated ZAGAT SURVEY Ratings & Reviews
  • Improved user interface
  • Revised voice prompts for highway entrances & exit ramps
  • Improved accuracy of ETA information
  • Updated Maps

The 1.2 update weighs in at a hefty 2GB’s! However, it’s very worth the effort and time to download. I noticed right off the bat the Navigon 2100 is now more responsive and while I’ve used it this week while traveling in Portland, it’s been a real joy. You can download the 1.2 update by logging in to your My Navigon area of their website. Be sure to backup your existing SD card data first!


With the update and performance I’ve been getting so far this week, this little low cost GPS unit may just become my first choice when I travel!

You can buy the Navigon 2100 for $151.71 at

  • Robert

    Having owned a 2100 since November I have to say I haven’t seen much, if any, changes in the interface. I was especially hoping for a better layout, similar to Magellan’s, for the location input screen. Things do seem a bit zippier for inputing addresses but it was fine before. I never had the lag that others spoke about. I never had an accuracy problem with ETA information. I liked that it adjusted for when I was in slower traffic.

    The updated map, supposedly from late 2007, still doesn’t show some of the restaurants in my area that have been open for over a year.

    I haven’t had the chance to test if the routing is improved but with local destinations I see no difference. Besides being a tiny bit more responsive in inputing addresses the only other difference I’ve been able to see are a couple extra POI catagories and the unit now gives turn notices a little sooner than before.

    Still, I paid $150 for it with lifetime traffic and I just bought the Freshmaps package for 3 years worth of updates for $60 so I feel I got a pretty good deal. Traffic warnings are by themselves worth the price of admission with the 2100.

  • Danielle

    Sweet! Thanks for the update. I have never gone or filled out my Nav at their website, so it would of been awhile before I updated!!

  • I had nothing but problems with my Navigon 2100. I had it for the past 4 months. It was functional perhaps, about month and a half. Hopefully, 1.2 will fix my Navigon 2100 problems.

  • Unfortunately I did not backup before the update, luckily I only had about 7 destinations saved so no big deal. It is still telling me to go the wrong way down a one way street by my office. I’m looking forward to see how the traffic reports work, but I have not used it in an area that supports it yet. This is my 1st GPS and I’ve been very pleased with it getting me to my destinations. Thanks again Terry for the great review on this last year!

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve had the Navigon 2100 for 10 months and I love it. I am hesitant to install the 2.1 upgrade, for two reasons:
    1) If it’s not broken, don’t fix it and
    2) the download takes 5 or 6 hours!
    So my questions to you all – what’s your experience with the update? Is it worth it? Am I going to lose my favorite destinations? Is there a risk to mess up what works so well?

  • David

    Update works great and it also saves your destination

  • Dave

    Don’t do it!!!! It took for ever to load. After reinstalling the card back in the 7100 unit, the little orange arrow has been spinning for over 2 hours now. Looks to me like I just learned a very costly lesson. I see no recourse on thier website.

  • Jeff

    I could not get the software to install. The install wizard would run to about 90% complete and then state that a bunch of files were corrupt. audioin.dll was one of them. Anyone else get these errors?

  • Steve

    Got the Navigon 2100 a little over a year ago. Used it about 5-10 times. Went to use it recently and there is no sound. Works otherwise, not the best as far as accuracy. Always takes me the long way around to destinations. but it is useless without sound. Lost my orignal backup when I upgraded my computer. did a backup and installed this recent update even though I think it was the same as what was on my GPS but it didn’t make any difference. Still no sound. Tech Support was useless. They just want me to send it in and since it is out of warranty I’m sure the cost will be more than it is worth. Any suggestions on how to fix the sound? Anyone know how to open the case so I can check the speaker or get a software CD with the original software or a flash to flash the chip?

    • Donna

      To restore sound, simply reset the unit. I had this happen to me when I first got one. I had bought two of them and one did not have sound. I thought it was defective. A simple reset via the tiny hole fixed it.

  • Chris

    hi i need major help i missed placed the sd card that comes with the navigon what do i do now any solutions