My Photography Gear Guide: Updated

Last year, I did a post towards the end of the year called “What’s in my Studio?” The purpose of that post was to give my readers a stop shop to see what I use with a brief explanation on how I use it and a few sample photos spread throughout the post. I always get the question of “what camera do you use?” Or “what lights do you use?” or “where did you get that background?” When I get those kinds of questions it’s easy just to point them to the post. Of course that post got outdated fairly quickly as I added new gear and upgraded. I’ve been secretly updating it along the way and I’ve decided to make it my official “photography gear guide“. I will keep it updated with any significant changes and I’ve given it a simple URL:

Now if you ever want to know “what does Terry use?” it’s one click away. If you forget the URL you can always find it on the sidebar of this site.

  • Hey Terry.

    Almost another year down, and the list of goodies in your studio keeps growing, and growing, and growing. I’ve got to come pay you a visit my friend and check out the diggs! We’re honored to be a part of your shooting, your work and the studio, and we greatly appreciate the mention in your blog! Your ongoing support of Westcott is tremendous!

    Happy Holidays,
    Brad Matthews & The Westcott Family

  • Wow!

    Great equipment.
    It shows in your work.
    Thanks, Terry.

    Lorrin Lee