My 1st Favorite Gadget of the New Year!

First off let me start this by saying Happy New Year to all of you and your families! I’m looking forward to another exciting tech year and I will try to cover as much of it as I can here. So let’s get started.

I woke up this morning (well actually more like this afternoon), to this wonderful snow (not really! I’m not really a fan of snow, but let’s play along). Shrugging my shoulders, I knew it was time to go fire up the Toro and plow the driveway. Then I remembered that I had gotten in my brand new 180s Tec Stretch Earmuff Headphones for just such a day! So I grabbed them and my iPod nano and I was gone. This otherwise mundane chore went much quicker with warmer ears filled with my jams (I’m dreaming of a White Christmas – NOT!).

My Toro isn’t very quiet (read loud) and I was still able to hear quite well. If you’re into winter activities and music, these are a must have! $24.95 at


Happy New Year!

  • Terry, your RSS has broke sir.

    Fix it please. I had thought your site had gone away when I didn’t see it listed in my netvibes page.

  • terrywhite

    Seems to still be working for me. Anyone else having problems?
    Try re-subscribing.

  • works for me with sharpreader

  • Tanya

    I’ve had the same issue with a couple of my feeds on two or three occassions. Just finished resubscribing, which is a huge pain. I’m not sure where the problem stems from, but it’s certainly annoying. As for the ear muffs, they llok like inspiration to start running again… hmmm, wonder how long that will last. Thanks Terry.

  • Hey, Terry!

    What’s up with your absence on Adobe’s Creative Suite Podcast? Who are these other people? I’ve been telling everyone about you but I can’t get you myself! Are you being all inclusive or is someone honing in on your success?

    I miss you!

    Hit me back!