Light Dims Now Available in Silver

I originally reviewed Light Dims last year here. For those that know me, I’ve earned the nickname “vampire” because I love total darkness when it comes time for sleep. However, being a gadget guy also means that there is bound to be a few things in the room with annoying LEDs on them that can’t be turned off. Light Dims helped out quite a bit and this year they introduced a new silver color. There really isn’t anything new about how they work. They sell them in two different strengths, dim and blackout. It’s just that now you can get Silver to better match your silver or white gear. Also there are larger strips in the package so that you can cut them to fit a specific application. These are a lot more attractive than duct/electrical tape and in most cases will blend right in. I’m happy to see the new color and shapes. Check them out here. Now if someone would just invent “sound dims” for the paper thin walls in some hotels, I’d be totally set! 🙂

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