Leave no iPod shuffle behind

It’s no secret that there is a BIG business in iPod accessories. One of the biggest markets is iPod cases. I look for useful practical cases that do a good job in protecting my iPods and also make it easy to carry them. I didn’t really see anything that I liked for the second generation iPod shuffle until I ran across the Mophie Bevy. This iPod 2g shuffle case is designed to put your iPod shuffle on your key chain. It also allows you to wrap your earbuds around it too. It’s very light weight and does a good job of keeping the iPod from getting all scratched up on the front, although the back is still exposed. The Bevy also doubles as a bottle opener. Sure, why not?

Thanks to the Bevy, I always have my iPod with me. The Bevy goes for $15, is available in multiple colors and is available from the Mophie site.

The guys at Mophie put together this video as they shipped their first batch to Apple in Cupertino for evaluation and consideration for the Apple Store:

  • marmaduke

    I love the blog that you have created. I was wanting to ask questions about how to create this and how others can get involved. I am wanting to do something like this but I want feedback from others. I don’t want to be the one that tells the stories, I want others too.

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  • terrywhite

    Thanks Marmaduke,
    Just head over to wordpress.com and set up your own blog. You can set up different users to be allowed to post entries.

  • Great work guys. Good work, All the best!