How To Create a Dynamic Sliding Menu for Your Mobile Website in Adobe Muse


In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast Terry White shows you how to create a dynamic sliding menu for your mobile website in Adobe Muse.

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  • Very good to know! The drop down menu option on the mobile apps is a great idea and super sleek! Thanks for all your great content! I have learned so much from you!

  • dustinkoop

    Is it possible to have the content slide and push the site content horizontally instead of vertically?

  • sheni7

    Hi Terry,

    I followed the instructions to create the dynamic menu for my mobile site. However the accordion panel that I selected was the same one you use but it didn’t have the same options that yours had. The 2 options mine has are: 1: Can close all and 2: Overlap items below. I do not have the option 2 that you had that says “Clear all initially”. Why is that. I also went to the exchange to look for another accordion panel that would give me this functionality but I could not find one. So what do I do now; since I can’t create a mobile version of my site without a menu?

    Thank you.

    • terryleewhite

      That’s because Muse is constantly evolving and getting new features and updates. This video was recorded a year ago and that’s how it worked a year ago. However, today the same accordion panel works it just has different options. So you would choose “Can close all” and that’s it. The rest would be the same. The other option of “overlap items below” is only if you want to menu to drop down and COVER the items on the page or unchecked means it would push them down as in my example. So I leave it unchecked in the latest version of Muse.