Garmin Nüvi GPS Vent Mount


If I rent a car while traveling, them I’m going to be using my Garmin Nüvi 765t GPS. I’ve never been a fan of suction cup mounts because they just simply don’t work well for me. I had moved to a bean bag style (friction) mount which works great. However, it’s not very small and when I’m traveling every bit of space counts as I hate checking my bags. When I bought my Nüvi 765t, I noticed a very small mount that actually clips right on to the AC vent of your car. I bought one of these on eBay and used it on a personal trip last month to Wisconsin. I don’t even remember what kind of car I had on that trip, but the mount worked PERFECTLY. 


It puts the GPS in the perfect spot


Although it’s nice to have the GPS at eye level on the window or dashboard, it does mean that technically part of your view is being blocked. However, having the GPS mounted just below the dash on the vent, is ideal. I’ve seen cup holder mounts and while they seem to be out of the way, I think I would find that position just to low depending on where the cup holder is in the car.


The size of this mount is also perfect. So small that it would easily fit in a jacket pocket. The price is also right at about $5. I don’t know what other GPS systems this will work with, but if you have a Garmin GPS, then you should really check out this mount.

  • Gary

    And, if you travel in California it is illegal to have a GPS on the dash or mounted to the glass. Seems like a perfect way to be completely legal. Thanks for the review.

  • I’ve though about getting one of these, but I’ve been concerned about the effects of the heat blowing on whatever device I would mount to it.

  • Terry White

    I typically have the heat coming out of the floor vents. Worse case scenario, you could turn off the one vent that you have the GPS mounted to.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the vent mount tip,I will buy 3 of them,cheap and effective,love the springs.

  • Pete

    Good review Can you tell me where you bought your vent mount for GPS? Did you say $5.00?