CS3 Tour – Toronto – Live!

Toronto CS3 Audience

I’m here in Toronto at the Carlu which is the fourth stop on the CS3: Creative License Tour. We have over 500 registered for this event. I’m here with my Canadian colleagues: Sebastian Distefano, Abbas Rizvi and Colin Smith. They’ll be doing the Design and Web Premium spots. Kevan O’Brien is here once again to wow the audience with the CS3 Production Premium Suite.

I’m posting this blog entry live using Adobe Contribute CS3 during my keynote address. I hope to see you at one of the upcoming cities.

Terry White giving the keynote and CS3 Master Collection Demo

Colin Smith and Sebastian Distefano

Colin Smith and Sebastian Distefano came out to there own theme music “White & Nerdy”
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood - White & Nerdy (Parody of "Ridin'" By Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone)

Abbas Rizvi, Kevan O'Brien, Beatrice Noble

Abbas Rizvi, Kevan O’Brien and Beatrice Noble

  • Hi Terry,

    It was a pleasant surprise seeing you yesterday at the event. I want to thank you for producing the Creative Suite podcasts. I’ve been subscribed for a few months now and I’ve been getting a lot out of them.

    On behalf of the Toronto audience, I also wanted to thank you for including Toronto on the CS3 Tour and for the links to the cool Desktop picture and screensaver.

    Hope you continue to have a good tour and include Toronto in future tours.

    Best regards,
    Paul Kelly

  • terrywhite

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks! I had a blast in Toronto and you guys are great. We’ll be back with more events.

  • Hey Terry,

    I am currently trying out the CS3 contribute, which I love by the way. I had just one question though, Is there a way to date a post so that comes out on a day later in the week? I have tried several things but it never comes out at the right time.


  • terrywhite

    Hi Taylor,
    First it depends upon your blog server in that they have to support post dating. Once you’ve established that they do, I find it to be hit and miss as to the time I put in Contribute vs. the time that the server uses. For example, if I want to post date an entry for tomorrow 9AM. I would have to mark it for 10PM tonight and bam it shows up tomorrow at 9AM. What’s even more odd is that the RSS feed shows it posted four hours after it actually appeared (1PM). So I haven’t found a way to get all three in sync, therefore I just post it 11 hours early to have it come out on the time I want in Contribute.


  • Hello Terry,

    I submitted a comment the morning of Jun 05, before the other 2 posts. Did you not get it?


  • terrywhite

    Hi Al, I didn’t get it.