CS3 Tour – San Jose – Day 2

This is Day two of the CS3: Creative License Tour in San Jose California. There was such a tremendous demand for this event that we had to add a second. Once again we’re doing this event at the Adobe headquarters. Its great to have over 150 people here. I’m doing this blog post live during my keynote to show the simplicity of using Adobe Contribute CS3 to do blogging. The audience is energized and we’re diving deep Creative Suite 3 throughout the day.

Lisa Forrester is doing the Design Premium Suite, Kyle Thompson is doing the Web Premium Suite and Kevan O’Brien is once again doing the Production Premium Suite with his purple hair and all. I hope to see you at one of the upcoming cities.

  • Terry,

    Thank you for all your insight and humor at day 2 of the Adobe conference in San Jose. I really learned a lot and have been enjoying the free trials of Creative Suite, mostly Photoshop and Flash. I do feel that Flash wasn’t touched upon enough, but thats just me. Can you please send me a higher-res version of the class photo? I’m the guy giving the thumbs up half way back on the left side. Can’t really see me huh?