How To Create Links and Buttons in your Adobe Muse Website

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In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast, I’ll show you How To Create Links and Buttons in your Adobe Muse (codename) website. See to take advantage of Photoshop Layers as rollover states.

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  • Rick

    iPad 3 question: do you know if all the accessories for the iPad 2 fit the iPad 3? I hear rumor that some won’t fit / work such as the HDMI adapter. Any info would be helpful to all of us before we go lay down the bucks….again.

    Montgomery, AL

    • No, I don’t know and won’t know for sure until I actually have one this Friday.

  • I’m desperate! I’m trying to link logos to external urls and it is not working. Please help!

  • Never mind! It works now.

  • Hi, I used the button feature to add images to a site because I wanted to be able to roll over the image to reveal text that I didn’t want shown right away. The problem is, when I posted the site to FB or tried to pin an image to Pinterest, it’s showing the composite image (all the layers of the psd file) as opposed to the default image layer.

    Is there a way to avoid this? And if not, I’m assuming one can’t add rollover effects to regular placed images.

  • Chad Gray

    Is there a way to have a button display a menu? Or have a button show an image that is a hyperlink?

    • Yes, using the Composition Widget.

      • Chad Gray

        I will check that out! Thanks for the quick response.

  • GH Teachers’ Issues

    Hi Terry how can I insert/put comment in my Adobe Muse site I’m developing so that i can interact with visitors