Chicago CS3 Event – Live!

I’m here presenting at the Adobe CS3: Creative License Tour in Chicago. Part of my presentation involves doing a live post to my blog using Adobe Contribute CS3. The audience here has been great and we are having a blast learning about all the new CS3 products. We have over 550 people here at the beautiful Navy Pier in Chicago. I hope to see you in the upcoming cities.

We had to bring in more chairs! What a great response to CS3.

The Navy Pier location was great for this type of event, although finding the correct room/hall was challenging for some.

I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity for a few shots right outside our presentation area of this rustic looking lighthouse.

  • DigiMike

    WOW – what a crowd! It looks like you are all aboard an aircraft carrier. With all that light coming in, how well do they see the screen?

  • terrywhite

    Mike, the light didn’t affect the screens at all as they were up high on the stage and windows were lower. It worked out great.

  • R. Shawn Williams

    Mr. White,

    All I can say is wow. I actually had a horrific flight experience from St. Louis but seeing the CS3 presentation was all worthwhile! Great job on the presentation!

    If you get an opportunity I would love to run some ideas and plans past you for some big Graphic Design Initiatives that we are doing with AIGA St. Louis.

    Once again great presentation!

    Look forward to speaking with you!


  • Lynn Grillo

    Wow, Terry! I LOVE the new design of your blog. It’s much easier to read than the old one, but still has the great content it has always had. I expect to visit often. 🙂


  • Christina

    You surprised us when you lifted up that camera!

    Being a recent graduate, this was my first Adobe conference and I was very impressed. Great presentation. I hope that more demos from the conference will make it to the adobe suite podcast site.

    It was a great experience.