Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.4 and it helps CS3

Yesterday Apple released an update to Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). This is probably one of the most important updates to Leopard since the day it shipped because it fixes some long standing issues with Adobe Creative Suite 3. One of the apps that suffered the most under Leopard was Adobe InDesign CS3 with frequent random crashes. Thankfully this update (10.5.4) fixes this problem! This is a MUST HAVE Update to all Leopard and CS3 users!

Adobe has also responded with an update of its own to InDesign CS3 (5.0.3) that fixes other issues as well.

Don’t walk, but run to go do both of these updates!

  • Gary Tate

    Use Quark and these problems vanish :))))

  • Terry White

    Wow! Are even still in business? :)))))
    Honestly, I’d rather go back to pen and paper.

  • Price Taylor

    Gary…Terry is an Adobe employee in his day job…but maybe you wanted to give him a jab!

  • Brandon

    I love InDesign. Used it for years back when I did yearbook stuff. Maybe it’s about time I got on the mac train…

  • Terry,

    I’ve been using the 10.5.4 update for about a week and I can confirm that Indesign CS3 is performing much better.

    I also want to respond to the Quark jab by Gary. I’d use Indesign over Quark even if Indesign crashed upon every other launch. I cut my teeth on Ready Set Go and honed my computer design skills on Quark for years but once I got my hands on Indesign I knew I’d only return when forced by clients. Fortunately I haven’t had a client provide me a Quark document for 3 years. So if Quark is in or out-of-business I don’t believe I’ll even know. So come on Gary join the party.

  • Nando

    Hi everyone,
    I just got yet another inDesign crash, I’ve recently updated to 10.5.4 and still have the same problems…despite following all the troubleshooting instructions as per the Adobe site…I am wondering could it be MacOS I don’t seem to have the same problems on XP

    BTW the last version of Quark I used was 4 at the time I thought it was the best..better than Pagemaker anyway…but after using inDesign for 4 years I would never go back to Quark…I rather do my page setting page by page in Illustrator and then stitch all the pdf’s together in Acrobat 😛