Adobe CS3 Tour in Austin – Live

I’m here in Austin Texas which is the second stop of the Adobe CS3: Creative License Tour. We have another standing room only audience of over 450 people. We’re having a great time learning all about Creative Suite 3. As part of my keynote address I do this live blog post by shooting a shot of the audience and then I process it in Bridge/Photoshop CS3 Camera RAW, from there I move the image into Adobe Contribute CS3 to combine it with this text and hit publish.

I’m joined by Lisa Forrester who’s covering Design Premium, Kyle Thompson who’s covering the Web Premium Suite and Kevan O’Brien who will be wrapping up the day with the brand new Production Premium CS3. By the way it’s 80• and sunny 🙂 I hope to see you at one of the upcoming cities

  • I just got back to Dallas from today’s event in Austin. I enjoyed the conference. Thanks for the previews and demos of all the revamped Adobe apps. Great stuff!

  • Scott


    Are you coming back to Boston in June for the Adobe CS3: Creative License Tour?

    I have enjoyed your sessions at Photoshop World and your InDesign CS2 DVD.

    Love the new WordPress blog!

    Thanks for sharing

  • terrywhite

    Thanks guys! Scott I will be in Boston for the CS3 tour. I look forward to seeing you there.


    hi terry:
    as usual, adobe and the adobe team put on a great presentation. 1) can you tell me what processing speed and memory are you using in the mac and pc for cs3 tour. 2) the pc locked-up during the presentation. was that an isolated incident or would the pc perform better with additional memory. of course everybody knows the mac is a superior machine and can handle adobe products flawlessly (beauty without flaw).

    Robert Matta
    Graphic Design Professor
    Houston, Texas

    p.s. thanks for selecting my name to win a raffle t-shirt

  • terrywhite

    Hi Robert,
    The Mac: Mac Pro, 8 Core, 8GB RAM
    The PC: HP 8400, with at least 4GB of RAM, maybe 8. I’ll have to look at it in the next city to make sure.

    The lock up was isolated and probably had nothing to do with the amount of RAM. I had seen it lock up once before in that exact same spot in Chicago during our testing. However, after a reboot the machine was fine and performed fine during the show. Not sure why the problem returned?