Adobe CS3 & CS4 Customers Will Have an Upgrade Path To CS6

There has been a lot of confusion out there in the market about Adobe's plans to move to the cloud "Creative Cloud." The 1st question that I get practically every day is "Will I have to run my Apps in the Cloud or can I just download them and install them as I do today?" The answer is that CS6 will be available as a stand alone installable App just like CS5 and CS5.5 are today. You will NOT have to use Creative Cloud or buy a subscription if you don't want to! Subscription is an alternative method to having a big cash outlay to buy Creative Suite. It's an OPTION (like leasing a car vs. buying one). Even with Subscription you're downloading the Apps and running them on your local machine and not in the cloud. The choice is yours. Now with that out of the way, here is a link to the recent policy changes that spell out upgrade paths for CS3 and CS4 users.

Yes, CS5 and CS5.5 users can upgrade too. It was never an issue for current users to go to CS6.

  • Alan

    If you currently have Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 installed, and want to upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CS7 in the future, will you be able to jump straight to it, or will Adobe force customers to upgrade to CS6 first, then CS7?

    • Starting with CS6 if you want to go to CS7 (and get an upgrade discount) you will need to either be current or have a subscription.

  • Excellent news, Terry. Thanks

  • that’s great news. we currently have about 15 licences of CS5 and maybe 10 more from cs3.

    do you know(or can anyone offer advice on)the best way to keep up to date on these? is there a maintenance contract or is that what a subscriptions is?

    great blog btw..


    • Yes there are maintenance contracts that will allow you to have a single serial number and stay current. Contact Adobe Customer Care to check out your options.

  • Thanks Terry, Good news indeed. Need disconnect-able software.

    (Formally Apple Certified Final Cut editor converted to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5)

    Cheers, David

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  • Cynthia Fink

    How much is it going to cost? Have you mentioned the neat things this upgrade will have somewhere?

    • Those details will come when CS6 is officially announced.

  • Thanks for the clarification Terry. Since we’re talkin’ CS6 now, do we have an expected delivery date yet?

  • Stan Burman

    Although a CS5 owner, I believe Adobe did the right thing for customers. Nice move.

  • David S

    While this upgrade path is for those using CS3 or 4 is welcome, I believe a problem still remains. If I understand correctly, Adobe is now going to force users to buy the upgrade each time or if you skip one or two iterations, to buy the full license again. As a hobbyist, this is prohibitively expensive and I won’t be doing it.

    While Adobe may keep its professional Photoshop users, I suspect they will be losing many hobbyists/amateurs. They will certainly lose me.

  • Mr. White,
    I just wanted to apologize for the trouble I caused. I hope you know that what I did was a result of having a lack of knowledge and was unaware of the substantial damages that I could have caused.


  • Jeff Hunter

    Mr White,
    Is there a resource that describes how CS5/6 (specifically InDesign) can be used in areas other than Magazine layout? Whitepaper? Adobe TV? Is anyone using this software for developing learning content?