Adding an iPad Mount to My Tripod Rig

I’ve been shooting tethered for years. Judging an image via a 3 inch display on the back of my DSLR is a last resort for me. I prefer shooting tethered to my MacBook Pro Retina Display and into Adobe Lightroom 4. Now I have a choice. I can also shoot wirelessly to my iPad. This is why I was interested in the new iPad Clamps and Mounts from I will use this iPad mount mostly on location when shooting to my MacBook Pro may not be as feasible. The mount can clamp to just about any tripod and is very adjustable. You can pretty much tilt the iPad to any viewing angle. and more importantly it holds it very securely. It’s easy to put the iPad in the mount and take it out again with a quick release.

Here’s what’s in my Tripod Rig Setup Above


  • How do you deal with the Ipad constantly timing out and with the Nikon WT-5A Wireless Transmitter and having to find again the network each time? To me it is such a pain that I’ve almost stop using it?

    • The Shuttersnitch app keeps my iPad awake during capture so that’s never been a problem. When the WT-5A disconnects due to lack of activity, I don’t find it to be that big of a deal. I start shooting, it reconnects and then the images start to come in. Perhaps we’re using two different setups. If you’re using the iPad as a remote control, then yes I could see your pain.

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  • Did not know about Shuttersnitch. Will try it out but I do use it to control the camera often. Any tricks to have the IPad stay on? Thank you for responding!

    • Isolder

      Settings > General > Auto Lock > Change time from minutes to never

  • Jack Sheppard

    Thanks for the info. Have you seen the Tether Tools iPad mount?

    Also have you had the chance to try their wireless TetherFly? From what I have been reading it works really well.

    • According to their site TehterFly is not shipping yet.

  • I am also a photographer but I haven’t thought about mounting a laptop near my DSLR as it might fall. I find it a bit risky.