What’s New In Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and Muse CC?


Today Adobe took the wraps off all NEW versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Muse and more. The Creative Suite (CS) Applications have been rebranded Creative Cloud (CC). I’m here to give you your first look at these applications and to share my Top 5 Favorite Features in each one. I’ve created a Creative Cloud Learning Center playlist on my YouTube channel and added my four new videos to it. I’ll continue to add more videos on Creative Cloud in the coming weeks and months. The NEW CC versions will be available to Creative Cloud Members on June 17th.

Note: Currently there are no plans to add new features to Creative Suite. Creative Suite 6 will continue to be available indefinitely for those that aren’t ready or don’t want to go to Creative Cloud. Also Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Acrobat Professional will continue to be sold as perpetual licenses. This probably brings up a lot of questions and we’ve tried to anticipate as many as possible. Go here to get answers.

I’ll also be rebranding my show from The Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast to Creative Cloud TV.


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  1. What’s new in Photoshop CC? The death of purchasing software. The rest of the details don’t matter to me.

  2. So does this mean that you will no longer be able to purchase any standalone products?

    1. CS6 is the last version of the Creative Suite apps to be available as perpetual licences (stand alone). You can subscribe to individual products in Creative Cloud.

      1. Seems like a very expensive option for someone who has only used one product in the suite. Very short sighted in my opinion.

  3. I’m sorry, but this represents a poor value for me as a photographer. There may be others who see more value in the Creative Cloud, but it just represents a significant price hike without adding much value. New features are always fun to watch in a demo, but they don’t always translate into something I need when I’m working on a photograph.

    Elimination choices for consumers is not a friendly action and I’m saddened that Adobe made this change to a subscription-only service. I truly hope that Adobe will reconsider its pricing and licensing strategy.

  4. I may have glossed over it but when will these new updates be available across the board? I am currently a Cloud subscriber and I’m not sure if I will be prompted to update current software.

  5. Dear Terry,

    As a photographer only and not needing the graphic design and web design applications, I am trying to get some insight into the future plans for LR together with PS. As far as I can tell currently LR is outside the CC and is a purchase product only while PS can be purchased as a CC single product for $20/month. Are there any plans for LR5 to be rolled into the CC as part of the PS product line? Currently I “own” PS CS5 and LR 4 w/ 5beta and would like to get a grip on my future costs when LR5 goes live.

  6. Sad Day! Looks like I’ll have to be satisfied with CS6 from here on out. I can’t justify a $240.00 a year subscription rate for Photoshop only. I really, really don’t like this subscription-only model. If Adobe doesn’t revert back at some point this will literally kill off a great deal of their loyal user base like myself. Bottom line after seeing what it’s all about I only see it as a benefit to Adobe and not the end users.

  7. Previous upgrades worked out to be $11 per month for people who adopted every new version of Photoshop ($200 upgrade price /18 months) and $5.50 per month for people who purchased every other version ($200/36 months). After the first year, Photoshop CC will be $20 per month. Can someone explain to me why I would want to pay so much more per month? Especially when I am using another app more in my workflow and Photoshop less? Maybe I am missing something here?

    1. I agree! While I appreciate many of the functions that Adobe software offers. The cloud model is very expensive for someone like me who only will use some of the software some of the time.

  8. I bought CS6 when I got my new IMAC three months ago for a little over 200. Now I am supposed to ante up 9.99/month for the first year for CS and 19.99/month the year after plus that is an amazing increase in costs for a consumer. Deeply saddened Adobe chose this route. They expect me to pay $560 for what would have cost 200 over the same period!

  9. We are really excited about the live indexing capabilities in InDesign CC. No more horrible work-arounds to get the index linked back into ebook text! Thanks to the Adobe team for adding this feature!

    1. As a professional indexer, I would like to add my approval of the live indexing capability for InDesign CC. This will make our jobs so much easier!

    2. Thanks for adding the ability to convert the index when creating an ebook. The existing work-arounds were just too daunting to face.

    3. Yes, automatically hyperlinked indexes for ePub exports! eBook readers, indexers and publishers will love this enhancement. A special thanks to Terry and Adobe.

    4. Yes, the hyperlinked indexing capabilities are enough to convince me to upgrade to CC.

  10. WELL. After a year of $30 of the complete CC, I came to realize that I only ever used Photoshop/Bridge. I bought LR a week or so before CC was announced and it was only $150. no big deal. I managed to give each of the tools in CC a shot, they were newer versions for me, but I just did not really use them any more, I don’t design web pages and have no interest in big time video production, publishing or making apps….so….. At the end of my 12 months I am content to just rent PSCC for the cost fo three Starbucks coffees or the cost of a cheap bottle of wine.

    Look, even if I kept the $50 a month price is is still no big deal financially. Photography is my hobby, if I can’t plan of a lousy $50 a month for a hobby then it isn’t much of a hobby. If I had a business and had to spend $50 a month on what would amount to a write off for my business, then so be it. Had businesses before and $50 is nothing. IF I was in the photography business and could NOT afford $50 a month then honestly I must be a poor businessman.

    I totally understand Adobe’s model, it makes sense. The small amount a month is not a big deal, and even less when I realized I really only will spend $20 on PSCC and just upgrade LR4 to LR5.

    I have read countless comments on how this is such a bad idea for one person or another. It works for me, and I give this new model a PLUS be it $20 or $50 a month. Chump change boys and girls for a great set of tools, skip a pizza or a bottle of wine or a few coffees and deal with it.

  11. The debate rages on and is likely to do so for months. In my case, I wasn’t happy with CC when it was first announced, but I’m starting to find it more and more appealing for several reasons:

    1. Upgrades will roll out almost monthly rather than every 18 months. For fast-changing fields such as digital publishing, that’s great. It means I’ll be able to create better ebooks in less time. Even a few tweaks can cover that monthly cost.

    2. This’ll force me to become more broadly professional and less narrow. Since the latest and greatest versions of every app is part of the cost, I’ll learn about several Adobe products rather than just InDesign.

    3. It’s obviously that Adobe’s goal is to create an entire eco-system for creative professionals: Behance, hundreds of pro fonts, collaboration tools etc. If you’re doing this sort of thing for a living, some will prove so useful, they’ll easily repay their cost. And the flip side of that it that, if you’re not doing this for a living–if you just use one or two apps occasionally–CC may not be as appealing.

    Those who want to understand Adobe’s ‘big picture’ might want to watch the keynote here:


    One question for Terry. Am I right to assume that June 17 release date is for all the major CC apps, including InDesign? What Adobe’s posting online is rather ambiguous. PS and IL are mentioned as coming out in June but no date is given for ID.

    I say that because I’d join CC today to get the new ID, but if it’s not going to be available until mid-June, waiting will let me avoid a double-humped learning curve.

    –Michael W. Perry, author of Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments

  12. The implementation of indexes in the EPUB output is a major step forward for the user experience as more and more non-fiction titles go “online”. Search finds all occurrence of a text string whereas indexes list concepts. Both have their uses but they are not in any way equivalent. Congrats to the ID engineering time for this effort.
    As a co-chair of the IDPF’s EPUB3 Indexes Working Group, I hope that the functionality embodied by our recently finished spec (in comment/draft stage at this time) [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_-4yyEIJeze8xUCbT7SU1r5Queyd6SZK63bJ540SVJ0/edit#heading=h.xym72wcnmlxx] will be implemented as well in a future release of InDesign.
    Dave Ream, Leverage Technologies &
    ASI representative to the IDPF

  13. From a photographers perspective, I think many complaints about Photoshop CC are coming from people who have previously paid for the full version of Photoshop AND upgrades after that.

    First, the price for Photoshop is doubling for loyal users who upgrade each time, and increasing even more for casual users. Previous upgrades average out to $11 per month for consistent upgraders ($200 upgrade / 18 month product cycle). A permanent $10 per month would be fair. So, Adobe would be giving loyal users a DEAL to join the cloud version. And when factoring in people who upgraded infrequently and now join, Adobe would be making MORE money from them than their previous upgrade model!

    The second major issue: no matter how much money you have invested in Photoshop, no payments mean no using the software. How about every $200 in payments would lock upgraders into that current version and the software would not need to phone Adobe and feature updates would not download. If you want the continued new features, then you can pay more. This would give Adobe more incentive to innovate to keep people subscribing for updates. If you stop payments after $200 and want to come back later to upgrade, you would need to pay for what you missed.

    To summarize, $10 per month for upgraders and after every $200 you lock in the current version.

    Personally, I bought Photoshop in the mid-90s and have paid a lot of money over the years to upgrade every single time. I would be comfortable with the plan I outlined above.

    For new users, $20 per month and they lock in the current version when they reach $600. This would be a $100 savings off the boxed version, thus an enticement to join. After paying $600, they would then be considered an upgrader and their monthly fee would be $10.

    I think this is a common sense solution that would be fair to Adobe and the wide variety of photographers who use Photoshop.

  14. The has some amazing opportunities but it;s too good to be true as this video points out… the Cloud and why you should be scared

  15. If one only uses a couple of the apps, then no, this isn’t necessarily a good deal. If you’re a designer who now, more and more, needs to have 10-20 apps in their arsenal then Creative Cloud is a no-brainer.

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