What an honor. Thank you Westcott!


As a photographer, I can’t think of a greater honor than to have an internationally recognized lighting equipment company come to you and say “we would like to use one of your images for our 2009 catalog!” As you can probably imagine I just about fell off my chair when I received that very email from F.J. Westcott. You’ve heard me tout Westcott Spiderlites in the past and I’m a big fan of many of their products. Just yesterday in my post about the Joby Gorillapod Focus, I used a Westcott collapsible background for that shot.

Of course my answer was YES! I’ve been on pins and needle ever since and I just got the final version of the spread. My image is the one in the lower right corner. Westcott said that they used 100% Raw Talent in this year’s catalog. I’m very honored and just flat out tickled to be a part of that talent pool.

A PDF version of the full 2009 FJ Westcott Catalog is here. I look forward to grabbing a huge supply of these babies at Photoshop World in a couple of weeks. There’s a small room in my house that needs wallpapering 🙂

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  1. Hey Terry;

    Congratulations, I’m very happy for you. I read about the christmas present in Scott’s blog yesterday and something nice like this happening is probably ‘payback’ for being an all ’round nice guy.

    Oh, and talented to boot.

  2. Breathe Terry Breathe, but don’t pinch yourself though cuz it’s Oh so real. Great job Congrats….

  3. This is a terrific honor, one that is very well deserved. What an amazing photograph!

  4. Terry,
    It was our honor to have you and many other talanted Photogs be a part of our 2009 Pro Imaging catalog. From the responses you have been sent so far, it appears everyone else is as excitied about your image as we are.

    Dave the answer to your question is no $$’s, Never understood why these ??’s are asked..Don’t you agree Scott..?

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