The 5 Things That I Do To Every Portrait



I got an interesting request from my Facebook Fan Page where Craig Marks asked "what are the 5 things that I do to every picture?" I thought it was such a good question that I decided to make it this week's episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast. Now of course it would vary slightly between portraits, landscapes, product shots, etc. so I decided to start with the 5 things that I do to every portrait and see where it goes from there. Thanks Craig!

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15 Replies to “The 5 Things That I Do To Every Portrait”

  1. Thank you for sharing, great tips – use similar steps, just with help of bridge camera raw feature instead of lightroom.

    Regarding the question, what’s the first thing you do in Photoshop, I always start by creating a new transparent layer on top, and then write notes on the image with help of circles, lines, text of the things I believe should be corrected.

    When finished I start on retouching the photo and I hide the layer and keep it hidden until the image is finished. I then activate my note layer again and see if I managed to cover all the noted areas made beforehand. I find the process very useful and helps one stay in focus while retouching, when it’s very easy to overdo a image and to forget the small details.

    Also a great thing to do, which I always do, Is to keep a copy layer of the original photo below the one you retouch, then you can easily see the changes you do with the help of ALT + click on the layer eye.

    Yours Sincerely

    Kim Brockie
    Digital Artist

  2. I was flipping through my new Apple tv on my bedroom tv last night and ran across this video on my Youtube subscriptions. Really nice and to the point. I prefer doing my eyes in lightroom because with one brush I can adjust the brightness, clarity, and saturation of the whites. The same thing applies to the iris for me. Everyone has a different workflow though! Great video.

  3. Nice tips Terry. Very informative. I always learn something by dropping by.

    I watched your Lightroom to Photoshop HDR video sometime back. Do you ever do anything to your photos before merging them to HDR Pro in Photoshop? Or, personal preference?

  4. Hi Terry,

    Thank you for this Video. I’m curious what software do you use to create these videos?


  5. A great post, I think your idea should be shared by other photography aficionados and maybe extended to maybe seven must do’s, Give Scot Kelby a nudge!!

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