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I want to give out a thanks to those of you who attended my online Photoshop Essentials session last night. We had attendees from as far away as Norway (midnight their time) As promised for those that couldn't make it, here's the URL for the recording to watch at your leisure. I will definitely work on better audio (using a better mic) for the next one. Thanks again! Look for more of these in the future.


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  1. Terry,
    “An Evening with Terry” was GREAT. Basic stuff, but I learned a great deal. It was personal, and I felt like I had a private lesson. Looking forward to the next one. You mentioned Lightroom next… which would be great for me. Everyone has different needs and wants, anything would be beneficial. You are a good teacher. Thanks for teaching us!
    See ya at your next “evening”

  2. Terry:

    It was great, Char and I are looking forward to the next one no matter what the topic is. There was mention of being able to get a copy of the whole thing. We are looking forward to that as a way to try and learn some of the excellent ideas that you shared with the group.


    Brian & Char Stone

  3. Very worthwhile for me – I am very inexperienced with Photoshop but this presentation was at the perfect level for me. Thanks especially for the color correction (and how to use the Curves window without having a PHD!) and the Extract (especially where to get the filter).

  4. Great job last night! Really enjoyed your presentation and even learned a few new things about CS4. Thanks!!!

  5. It was a delight to find out how many things you have taught us previously and that we have forgotten – you hit one that I really need now – straightening out multiple photos at the same time. We intend to watch it again.

  6. Hi Terry,
    I wasn’t able to join you live, but I watched it today. Thanks for making it available.

  7. Thanks for the presentation last night, Terry. The topic was good, and you did a nice job teaching the essentials of PhotoShop. I had a few technical problems, but I don’t know if they were the result of the application you were using or of my own bandwidth. I was watching on a college campus, however, where the bandwidth generally good. Sometimes the sound would disappear, and at other times the entire presentation would come to a halt. All in all, however, I really thank you for a new and creative way to reach your audience. I am looking forward to your next session.

  8. Andy, my husband sent your photoshop mini lesson to me. I don’t know much about photoshop but could follow you pretty easily.

  9. I found your site through Scott Kelby’s blog. Love you both. I watched the replay on your Photoshop basics, simply amazing. Extremly helpful. Many thanks.

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