Thank You Finland, Sweden & Denmark

I’m currently traveling on the 2012 Adobe Nordic Design Tour. My 1st stop was Helsinki and then I was off to Stockholm and Göteborg. Today I’m in Copenhagen.

The tour has been going great and it’s been fun presenting with my colleague Rufus Deuchler. We’ve been concentrating on tips and tricks as well as new technologies like Adobe Muse (code name) and Digital Publishing Suite Single Edition.

The crowds have been great! Thanks for attending. Also thanks goes to Erik Bernskiold for taking the pics above.

It’s also great being here in beautiful Copenhagen!


6 Replies to “Thank You Finland, Sweden & Denmark”

  1. Thanks to you guys as well!
    Really great tips, and fun to meet you in person, and not only see you on video.
    Also thrilled that we were more people attending in Gothenburg than in Stockholm…

  2. Hi Terry
    Thank you for a great tour. I will wish I know as much as you do about PhotoShop. I will like to try to make a picture like this you show with the lady and blue overlay, patterns and so on. Is it possible to get it described or do you have a video, there you show it.
    Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me to take notes while I follow your tutorials.
    Best regards

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