Tech Profile of Dave Cross

Dave Cross

Officially: Senior Developer of Education & Curriculum. On my business card: Chief Photoshop Guy




Oldsmar. FL


Your blog/website


Favorite Gadget(s):

my new Kindle – a great way to read books! Also love my Nikon D300 and the OnOne DSLR Remote.

Your cellphone/smartphone (make/model):

iPhone 3Gs


I won't leave the house without:

my iPhone. When I travel, my camera and my Bose Noise Reduction headphones


Blogs I read regularly:

wow. so many… Scott Kelby, Chase Jarvis, Abduzeedo, Terry White's Tech Blog (I'm not just saying that) and many many more that I monitor using Bloglines


Mac or PC:



Laptop or Desktop:

I only have a MacBook Pro – no desktop any more


Favorite App/Software:

iPhone app I use the most: AroundMe & Solitaire (yup, the card game Solitaire). Software; gotta be Photoshop


Technology/Gadget that you're most looking forward to that hasn't been invented yet?

Maybe a car that gets 200 mpg?


What do you wear to work?

shorts and a polo, except when I'm teaching. Then I rock out my two-tone shoes and the retro shirts.


Favorite Quote

"Nobody's home but the fire, and it's out" (It's an old Cross family quote said when one is extremely forgetful)


Favorite Restaurant

locally: City Fish, Flemings.


What time do you go to bed?

after 11, later on weekends


Describe your perfect day

sleep in a little. spend the day with my wife, cook a great dinner, watch a movie at home. I'm wild like that.

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