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It's that time of year again. My annual "So what'd you get?" I've been reviewing my favorite gadgets, services and photo gear all year long. Now it's your turn! Tell us what you got this holiday season (tech wise) that you're excited about? Use the comments section below. Tell us what it is, why you like it and provide links if you can? Did you get or give anything from my holiday gadget gift guide?


Hey! If you got an iDevice as a gift, check out Must Have Apps here.

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  1. We got an Apple TV and a account and they are both great.

    We have not used all of their features yet but did use the Apple TV so 5 of us could view a friends photo gallery of her 2 week vacation to Borneo.

    We are now planning to put up some of our vacation photos for family in Florida to view.

  2. I got an Intuos4 small tablet to replace my worn out Bamboo tablet. I just sent her the link to the Gadget Gift Guide for that one… If you use Photoshop (or any image editor for that matter) you need a tablet no question.

    You can read Terry’s original review of the Intuos4 here: .

    And you can get one here:

    Along with that I picked up a really compact easy to use Targus iPad stand from Best Buy for myself when I was doing some last minute shopping(Christmas Eve). It’s one of the ones that looks like a block of clear Plexiglas with a notch on each end to position the iPad in different positions but it works really well. You can check out that stand here:

    Be sure to check out the Best App Site’s Must have Apps if you got an iDevice! It’s a really good list to get you started with a new iDevice

    1. You will wonder how you ever got by without those two items… They are awesome products. When I’m shooting outside, I always, always, always have my hoodman around my neck.

  3. Got the UPstrap on the recommendations from you and Scott Kelby. Love that I can put receivers on both the D80 and the P7000 and use the same shoulder strap. Also got the ball head loop which will double as a wrist strap.

  4. I got a Panasonic Web Cam (BLC1A) to monitor my kitchen remodel from our second home in Arizona this winter. Surprisingly easy to set-up and works great over the Internet. Just have to be careful not to turn it on to early in the day, as the wife gets really annoyed being on-camera before 9AM! But will turn it on 24/7 when we leave on Wednesday.

  5. I got a shooter’s vest and a track-light system to help display some of my work. Best of all, my wife said, “Can I use some of your photos to decorate the living room wall?”

  6. No gifts, but had a wonderful time with the fam. For the first time I left the nikon at home and just enjoyed the grandkids. ( I did snap some on the iPhone 4. Not feeling that flash. Is it just me?

    After producing the 2010 Family DVD for after dinner enjoyment, AND COOKING, I was worn out. Alas, my sister in law did not know how to hookup her blu ray player to her new zillion inch screen. So everyone got to take them home and view alone:(

  7. I got my second set of Hensel Integra Pro lights and and another 12×58 stripbank.
    Now if only I had a studio….
    Oh yeah and a free Mac book air which I paid to upgrade, score…..

  8. Although I started out the pre-Christmas season wishing for several photography related items , the closer Christmas came, the less I wanted. I discovered I was totally content! Both my cup and my camera bag overfloweth. But I did get the most amazing gift – well, two really. First, because I was having some problems with my Epson R2880 printer (which I love!), Epson shipped me a brand new one which arrived on Christmas Eve! I have to say, my tech support experience with Epson was so good that it was … unbelievably … enjoyable! The best and most painless tech support experience I’ve ever experienced. That in itself was a gift.

    Secondly, and this was an even better gift, as I was cleaning out a closet I ran across my old Wilderness Pro mesh fly fishing vest. It dawned on me it would make a perfect photography vest. It has a gazillion secure pockets … two on the bottom large enough for my wide angle lens and either my 105mm or 70-300 lens. One of the chest pockets is the perfect size for my little 50mm lens. Interior and exterior pockets hold my split grad filter, all my polarizing lenses, lens cloth, batteries, CF cards, snack, sandwich – you get the picture (so to speak). And it’s not only comfortable but surprisingly not bulky. With my flash on my camera – I have everything I need. So for Christmas I gave myself a repurposed photo vest! I would include a link but I can’t find anything just like what I have.

    My entire family was home for Christmas – all eight children, children-in-law, and grandkids. And they were all mindful that we were celebrating the birth of Christ – the best gift of all. It does’t get any better than that.

  9. I got the Barnes and Noble Nook Color, which I love. I wanted something I could put library books on and I prefer the beautiful color screen rather than E-ink. My husband has the Kindle 3 so I have used both. I also like being able to read in bed without having to use a book light. Great gadget!

  10. I got a D7000! Lucky to finally catch one at B&H. Picked up the 28-300 lens too on your recommendation. Planning an Alaska trip. Gearing up! Everyone have a great blessed New Year

  11. I have a new Coolpix P7000, quite different from the dlsr and I am learning where the buttons are..
    I also ordered Apple TV that should arrive this week.

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  13. I got a D7000 and a softbox kit from my kids. I also got a gift card to purchase a new Think Tank bag. Great Christmas. Have a Happy New Year Terry!

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