Shooting with Scott Kelby in Denmark and Sweden

In case you haven't noticed I'm on tour in Europe. I've been on the Adobe CS 5 Evolution Tour since the beginning of May. Often times there are weekends where it doesn't make sense to come all the way home and then go right back out again, so we try to pick a good place to regroup for the weekend. It just so happened that this past weekend we stayed in Copenhagen. My good friend Scott Kelby told me before that he always wanted to visit Copenhagen and it worked out with his schedule that he could join me for the weekend to see the sights and of course do some photography. Scott asked his Twitter and Facebook followers for some shooting location suggestions and they came pouring in. Needless to say we not only had a blast, but we got to see some fantastic places. Be sure to head over to Scott's blog to see his photos from the weekend and I put together a few of my favorites below (most of my shots are geotagged, so if you're interested in "where" these photos were taken head over to my Flickr gallery). It's time to prep for the London stop this Wednesday, so I'll be signing off for now. Have a great week everyone!





The Turning Torso in Malmö Sweden

Scott capturing a much better looking HDR of this sculpture than I did 🙂






The Turning Torso in Malmö Sweden












By the way

Thanks for such a great turnout in Copenhagen for our tour! You guys were great!

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  1. Thanks for posting! København is one of my favourite cities, but i might be slightly biased because I have a lot of family in Denmark. I wish my photographs would turn out as sharp–but I’m working on that! Did you make it up the Rundetårn (Round Tower)? Such an amazing view of all of København. And to go and play with Scott Kelby, what a treat. I’ll definitely check out his photogs as well. I hope you had a celebratory glass of øl (beer) while you were there. Looks like there’s a couple of places that I’ll have to check out. Cheers!

  2. Great shots Terry, thanks for sharing. Can you share and link covering details of what you are doing in London please (apologies cause am sure you already have and I’ve missed).

    1. Click the link above for the CS5 Evolution Tour or see my event schedule which is cleverly hidden in the right sidebar 😉

  3. HI Terry new to site. One of those days randomly searching for stuff and found your site. i hope to travel to places like this one day…looks very beautiful. Thanks for sharing, you just motivated to to talk to a travel agent 🙂

  4. Love your pictures! Were these taken with your D7000? What lens did you primarily use? Sorry for the newbie camera questions.

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