I’m on Sabbatical!

Believe it or not I'm celebrating my 15th year at Adobe and one of the perks of being an Adobe employee is a generous Sabbatical program every 5 years. By this being my 15th year I get 6 weeks off! Many say it's well deserved and I'm not going to weigh in on that one way or the other, but I will say that it's much needed!


What are my plans?

The 1st thing that people ask is "where are you going on sabbatical?" That's a good question. However, as disappointing as this sounds to many, I have no travel plans at the moment. Sure I may pick up and go somewhere cool if the mood hits me (and Hawaii comes to mind), but as someone who travels the globe over 200 days a year for a living, traveling for pleasure is not the first thing that comes to my mind. So what will I do with my free time? I'll spend most of this time with family and doing the things that I enjoy, like photography.

I just moved into a NEW 4,800 sq ft. studio and I'll be working on that little side project for sure. 🙂


A fresh coat of paint going on by my very talented painter Chris Houghton


My environmental portrait area by my amazing interior designer W. Taharqa Blue is coming along nicely 🙂


What about blogging and podcasting?

Since I blog and podcast for a hobby, I don't plan on really taking a break from it. However, I will say that for the next 6 weeks I won't stress over not having a post ready every day/other day. So if I go a couple of days without posting here and there, you'll understand. My first official day back to work will be when I get to Photoshop World Vegas.

Look for studio updates, photos and of course gadget reviews as I have them.

Cheers and Happy Monday!

20 Replies to “I’m on Sabbatical!”

  1. Terry enjoy your sabatical. That’s one heck of a very cool white cov to be photographing in! Di you hav it custom built? Can’t waiti to see what you create in there. How boig was your previous studio space?

  2. Congratulations on 15 Terry. For six weeks, set your own pace and don’t go to meetings or conference calls. That’s a sabbatical!

  3. Do exactly what u want the next few weeks. You deserve it! You can have a second cup of coffee in the morning!

  4. Congratulations on 15 years and enjoy your sabbatical. I think I’d be comfortable just hanging out in your environmental portrait area for a week!

  5. How wonderful you get to have a sabbatical. Love your new studio. Have a wonderful break.


  6. Terry, whatever you get up to have a great (well deserved) break!

    All the very best to you,

    ps> I’m experiencing serious studio envy having seen these photos 😉

  7. Enjoy it my friend.. now maybe we can have that lunch we have been talking about and you tell me all about the NEW HUGE studio and make me drool 😉

  8. Terry, many congratulations on reaching 15 at Adobe! You have been a major influence on my Adobe life (starting with the little detail that you hired me…) and I sincerely hope you have the most wonderful and most relaxing six weeks possible!

  9. TW: Congrats on the 15yr. mark! I’m coming up on that at TDI/JWT, but no sabbatical for us…
    Enjoy yourself. Perhaps I’ll see you at http://makerfaire.com/ Detroit this weekend – You’ll enjoy that.

  10. 2 things.

    1) That area that they are painting in the picture look like you are building a “time tunnel” – Old 60’s TV show.

    2) Second, I wish my employer provided sabbaticals. I have 40 years in next year. Hmmm that would be almost 17 weeks off! ….. You deserve it because I know you earned it. Enjoy!

  11. Your studio Cyc is a riot! We’ve dismantled nearly all of ours over the past decade due to first your erstwhile employer Adobe and of course more recently Maya’s ability to render the cyc need moot. And did I mention passing style and cheap ass clients as well?
    We’ve lit everything from Mack trucks, major room sets and full size municipal buses with one light in full cycs. And sometime up to a few strobe or hot lights. Ah those were the days! lol

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