6 Replies to “My Random Shots from Warsaw, Poland”

  1. Hi Terry,
    Your sign picture reminded me of the time I spent quite a bit of time on business in Germany a few years back.
    When an American colleague or friend ask to meet up and would ask for directions, I would tell them to take a right or left on “Einbahnstraße” and meet me at the end of the street. One guy was totally confused at how may streets had the same name in Germany 🙂
    Off the subject – do you have an recommendations for iPad to wireless printer printing apps ? I have a Canon wireless printer and Epson 2800 networked printer and would love to print directly from my iPad.

  2. Hi.

    I’m curious. Three of your photos (two called Church and one of the Culture & Science Palace (I’ve been up at the top in the open bit when it was -15ºC and blowing a gale) seem to have heavy and pronounced fringing, noticeable in particular where the building and the sky meet. It this intentional or a fault?

    I spent one Christmas in Warsaw. Not a favourite location, I have to admit.

    1. Yeah, John, I was wondering the same. Terry, I have seem this happen to one of my HDR attempts as well, also a building/sky situation. How can you get rid of this ‘halo’?

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