Portrait Retouching: How To Use The Photoshop CS5 Patch Tool To Enhance Your Portraits



In this episode of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast I'll show you How To Use the Photoshop CS5 Patch Tool to Enhance Your Portrait Retouching. 

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PS. My iOS App just got an update that fixes the iOS 5 video playback problem and adds the following features:

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11 Replies to “Portrait Retouching: How To Use The Photoshop CS5 Patch Tool To Enhance Your Portraits”

  1. Hi Terry! Love the podcast!
    I have a question, would the patch tool be better to repair textures or would the spot healing brush do just as much functionality?

    Another general question, why isn’t the podcast being uploaded in HD in the iTunes Store? I like to view your podcasts in full screen and sometimes get blurry.

  2. Terry, short question, between the patch tool and the healing brush (as Scott Kelby uses in his latest book) for retouching skin “issues. Any thoughts on the advantages of each??

  3. Terry,

    I rarely write comments or post, but I was SO relieved to find your podcast so wanted to say thank you VERY much for taking the time to share your expertise and this information. You just made my editing job amazingly more effective!


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