My favorite blogs

I frequent a lot of websites and blogs on the continuous quest for information and technology snippets. I truly do learn something new every single day! Although I visit a lot of websites in a week’s time, there are some that I visit almost every day. They are the blogs of my friends, colleagues and industry experts. So I thought I would share them with you! Actually I’ve been sharing them with you all along, but you may not have noticed. So I’m going to call them out today!

My Favorite Blogs

Actually if you just scroll down this very page near the bottom left, you’ll not only find the links to my favorite blogs, but also my favorite websites too. By the way, be sure to check out my buddy Larry Becker’s New Blog. He and I talk tech all the time and I’ve gaind several insights from him throughout the years. Most of these folks also have Twitter accounts, so I invite you to follow them on Twitter too for more up to the minute thoughts and discoveries.

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  1. It would be handy if the above list actually linked to the sites mentioned. The “links” appear clickable, but it is in fact just a graphic. Thanks.

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