Last Call for HyperMac MacBook Charging Cables

You may remember my review of the HyperMac Battery for the MacBooks here. Well it seems that a good thing has come to an end. The way I understand the story (and NO I'm not a lawyer, so this is just my opinion/interpretation) is that HyperMac guys were buying Apple's external MacBook (Pro/Air) chargers (legitmately) and then retrofitting the cable to their external batteries and selling them. That was until Apple's legal team came down on them and basically forced them to stop. I don't know the legal precedence here, but it seems sad that this vendor, who was providing a benefit to MacBook users is now being forced to stop. As you may know Apple no longer allows you to swap out your own batteries. All current model MacBooks have sealed batteries. So if you run out of juice on a trip, you're just out of luck until you can get to a wall plug. I've used my HyperMac batteries on many trips and it was great arriving with fully charged MacBook Pro and iPhone batteries. I plan to use it on my trip to LA next week for Adobe MAX. I haven't heard of any issues with the batteries or any incidents of MacBook failures as a result. Since Apple doesn't sell any external batteries of their own I don't see a competitive threat either. Lastly, you would think that Apple would license the MagSafe adapter to those wishing to build MacBook peripherals like the popular iGO chargers. 

If you're interested in a HyperMac Battery or Cable for your existing one, you have until November 2nd, 2010 to order. See them here. I may buy another just to eBay at a profit down the road šŸ˜‰ Oops, did I say that out loud? Actually they'll probably still sell the batteries, just not the cables for Apple's MacBook line.


P.S. HyperMac wasn't the only game in town. I wonder how long these guys will be selling theirs?

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