Join Me on the Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud World Tour

Now that Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud are here it’s time to hit the road, tour the world and show our customers and fans all about our new tools and services.  We’ll be showing Creative Cloud, as well as the new CS6 Design, Web and Video Tools. Last week I had the pleasure of presenting in Brazil and Mexico, now it’s time to head to Europe and South Africa.

Join me!

8 May 2012 Copenhagen @ CineMaxx

9 May 2012 Helsinki @ Finnkino

10 May 2012 Stockholm @ Rigoletto

14 May 2012 Oslo @ Main Stage/Aker Brygge

15 May 2012 Prague @ Broadway Theatre

16 May 2012 Warsaw @ Cinema Golden Terraces, ul. Gold

18 May 2012 Istanbul @ Kanyon AVM

22 May 2012 Buenos Aires @Hilton Hotel

24 May 2012 Santiago @ Hotel W

6 June 2012 Lima, Peru

19 June 2012 Johannesburg @ The Forum

21 June 2012 Cape Town @ International Convention Center

26 June 2012 New York

28 June 2012 Los Angeles

13 Replies to “Join Me on the Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud World Tour”

  1. Funny – I’ve always thought Canada was part of the world. I stand corrected.

  2. Oh, no, Ukraine dates…oh that’s right, Adobe doesn’t support Ukraine. Kinda sucks that we can’t even order the software here.

  3. What’s the point of coming to South Africa if Adobe doesn’t plan to roll out the creative cloud service in our country?

  4. Hi Terry

    I am slightly confused. I visited the Adobe site and got a message saying that Creative Cloud is not available in our region? We have done allot of research and budgeting using creative cloud subscriptions as a purchasing option. Will we be getting creative cloud subscriptions in South Africa any time soon?

    many thanks Brendan

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