Is Comcast Getting Faster?

As I was helping a friend yesterday diagnose his sudden slow down on his DSL line, I pointed him to the SpeakEasy test that I like to run to check internet connection speeds. However, when I checked my own speed I couldn’t help but notice the sudden bump in my upload speed. It normally averages around 768Kbps, but now it’s up over 1,400-1,500Kbps. I’m not complaining and I’ll take it. However, I’m just wondering will it continue to stay this fast? Upload speeds have always been slower than they should be on Cable Modem Services. It’s about time the cable companies started bumping up this speed. I upload a lot of content via FTP and other services. This could always be improved!

Once AT&T rolls out a fiberoptic service (like Verizon’s Fios service in NY/NJ), Comcast will be put on notice to either catch up or buh-bye.

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