Is Comcast Getting Faster?

As I was helping a friend yesterday diagnose his sudden slow down on his DSL line, I pointed him to the SpeakEasy test that I like to run to check internet connection speeds. However, when I checked my own speed I couldn’t help but notice the sudden bump in my upload speed. It normally averages around 768Kbps, but now it’s up over 1,400-1,500Kbps. I’m not complaining and I’ll take it. However, I’m just wondering will it continue to stay this fast? Upload speeds have always been slower than they should be on Cable Modem Services. It’s about time the cable companies started bumping up this speed. I upload a lot of content via FTP and other services. This could always be improved!

Once AT&T rolls out a fiberoptic service (like Verizon’s Fios service in NY/NJ), Comcast will be put on notice to either catch up or buh-bye.

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  1. Not any faster for me! Chicago: 6285 DOWN 367 UP; LA CA: 5989 DOWN 364 UP; Dallas: 6289 DOWN 359 UP.

    Comcast costs too much for too LIttle.

  2. Wyandtte has their “own” cable system
    Download to Dallas was 4026
    Up was 474
    Seattle Down 4282 Up 470


    Should this test matter if this is done with airport ?

  3. AirPort should have little play in the speed as it’s typically faster than your internet connection anyway.

    Mike, I should also note that I am paying $10 more a month to Comcast for their fastest service (8MB down/768 up). So maybe they’re giving me more value for my $10.

  4. Bummer,,,I got home and ran WOW tests

    Seattle D 1372 U 465
    Chicago D 4194 U469
    Dallas 2207 U 455

    Any comments for the WOW people?

  5. JP, I would start with what your cable provider promises in turns of bandwidth and if you’re getting significantly less than that, then I would do more testing and call the cable provider to let them know that you’re not getting advertised speeds.

  6. Yep,,,interesting ,,I tested my daughter’s iBook G4 right next to me and she smokes my MacBook Pro by 1000 kbps to Seattle

  7. Also keep in mind that when you pick a city to test with it should be the closest one to you.

  8. I am a Comcast customer in Boston and just tested with Speakeasy and I have 7876 download and 1789 upload speed. I am so happy. I pray that this is an unannounced upgrade my Comcast.

  9. In Frederick, Md., 54 miles north of Washington, and using the Washington server, 20,196 down and 1,592 up.

  10. I am a comcast customer in boston, I have an amazing 23141 download and a paltry 369 upload!! Anyone got any suggestions as how to boost my upload speed a bit.
    I have a comcast cable modem with a lynksys WRT54G-S router.

  11. I got a question or maybe its just a comment but I live in Vancouver Washington and did a Speakeasy test of Seattle and got these results. Down 4282 and Up 364 should there be such an extreme difference? Now i am behind a lynksys firewall/router also with a comcast cable modem.

  12. I was surprised today! I get a measly 1.5 kbps down and only 35 kbps upload…but somehow its at 3.5 mbps and 100 kps up now!

    comcast cable, NJ

  13. I was just working on a clients pc in Annapolis today at checked bandwidth: 27214 DOWN, and 2210 UP….Surprising for Comcast. I went home and tested it, and received 14361 DOWN and 1000 UP (Glen Burnie–10 mins from Baltimore) I connected to the DC servers on Speakeasy. Sure beats my 4500 DOWN and 368 UP on TW Roadrunner at my other house in North Carolina!

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