iPhone App of the Week – Mactracker


This one is definitely going to have more appeal to the Mac users out there than the Windows PC users. However, Windows users stay tuned, I’ve got a reason why you might want this too.


Mactracker has been a long standing indispensable reference tool on the Mac to look up the specs for all the various Mac hardware that Apple has released over the years. It’s a great tool especially when you’re in the market for a used Mac or selling your Mac and you or your customer wants the specs. Well now that tool comes to your iPhone or iPod touch. Just like the desktop version, Mactracker for the iPhone is organized by category and then by Mac type.

mactracker2 mactracker3

So lets say you wanted to know the specs on the 20″ iMac G5 with iSight camera. You would first scroll up to Desktops (assuming you had scrolled down to see what was there) and then you’d tap on iMac. There you see every iMac model since the first Bondi Blue introduced back in 1998.


Once you scrolled down to iMac G5 (20-Inch iSight) and tapped on it, you would then see all the important information. Things like when it was introduced and when it was discontinued. Processor speed, latest Mac OS that it could run, maximum amount of RAM that you could put in it and all the info about Expansion, Ports, Graphics, and even the famous audible “Startup Chime” feature.

Mactracker, it’s not just about Macs

mactracker5 mactracker6

Let’s say you are a Windows user, but you have an iPhone, iPod, AirPort Base Station, Apple Display, or Apple TV. You guessed it! That stuff is in there too. So if you were selling or buying any other Apple gear, this would be a useful tool to have.


The Bottom Line

Having Mactracker on my iPhone is GREAT! I love the instant access to the specs about machines that I’ll never remember or care to remember. Although the App works as advertised and best of all it’s FREE, like most things there is some room for improvement. I was actually quite surprised that there was no option to email the specs page of a specific machine. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the desktop app doesn’t have this either, but it seems like such a natural for the iPhone version. I’d also like to see an “I have that” section. This way I could go through the database finding all my gear and mark it as a Favorite or “I have that” and then whenever, I wanted/needed to know the specs of a Mac or piece of Apple gear that I owned I could just go right to that section. Otherwise this app is great! I highly recommend it!

Get Mactracker today from the App Store as a Free download.


P.S. If you’ve ever wondered about some of the apps Apple features in their iPhone TV ads, they’ve put theme all in one spot for you. Check them out here.

5 Replies to “iPhone App of the Week – Mactracker”

  1. This is excellent news – I use MacTracker quite often so it will be great to have on the iPhone. A big Thankyou to Ian Page for his work on this program throughout the years.

    My one quibble is the graphics on this iPhone version – no actual images/icons of the devices themselves? Instead all the entries have a generic classic Mac icon – even the iPhones and iPods?

    The desktop version has specific icons for each machine as well as a nice large image under the History section. I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind a larger download if it meant getting this nice eye candy!

    Also, I’d love to have a Paid version of the App (perhaps with the missing graphics!) so we could all easily show our appreciation. So much easier than Kagi or Paypal!

    Please Ian. :-]


  2. Ah, I’ve just discovered why there are no icons. On the MacTracker website it says:

    “Model icons are not included with this release as they contain Apple trademarked content.”

    Heck. So has Apple actually rejected this app because of that fact? dammit


  3. Too bad it requires 2.2.1 firmware to run it!
    Due to the wi-fi overheating issue of this firmware, I’ll stick with 2.2 untill 3.0 comes along!

  4. Fantastic.
    I was hoping this would appear for the iPhone/touch platform!
    I use this regularly on my Mac!

  5. Apple rejects the app for using Mac icons (even for LONG discontinued models) but allows the startup chimes for each? I’ve downloaded hundreds of Mac icons of the years.

    MacTracker is free advertising for Apple… the MASTER of raking in free advertising via the press… and an invaluable tool for Mac consultants, like me! I just don’t get the logic of Apple rejecting the use of Mac icons.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t some sounds considered copywritten material? So, why is it Apple allowed the startup chimes, and not the icons?


    Since all the icons are generic, it would be nice if the developer included the nickname of some of the different Macs in the title, to make it a little easier to find.
    ie: PowerBook G3 “Lombard”. PowerBook G4 “Titanium”, etc.

    Oh well, It’s a great tool to have!

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