iOS 6 Panorama Trick

Apple’s iOS 6 includes a great new Panorama feature for shooting panos on the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch (dual core iOS devices). The interface is really easy to use. You start shooting from the left of the scene and simply pan to the right with a visual arrow and line to keep your shots lined up (or tap the screen to go in the opposite direction right to lef). It feels more like shooting a video than it does the typical multiple still shots and then stitching them together.

The other advantage to this interface is that you can shoot at your own speed and that means that once you’re past the area on the left (like a person in the shot), that person can walk around you and get in the same shot on the right before you get there. Admittedly this is not a new idea and has been done before, but the pano feature in iOS 6 really makes this easy. Give it a try.

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  1. Hi Terry,

    A bit off topic, but you’re a good person to ask. Are you hearing a rattling sound coming from the camera area of your iPhone 5? I know myself and many others are having this issue. Do you know if it’s normal? I haven’t seen an official word from apple.


  2. Terry,
    This is off topic but I guess you will cover this new gismo when Nikon ships this device. I am close to buying th new D600. partly because of thies new wireless trasfer. I called Nikon tech suppor and this tis response.. When I was on the phone, I requested a “ball park number” on speed, knowing the uncertainty of the wireless speeds.

    Do you plan on getting this item? If so, will you report your findings? Thanks for all your reporting,

    “Per our phone conversation from late last week, you are considering purchasing the D600 with the WU-1B and had questions about transfer speed. The WU-1B does not provide wireless service but does allow you to use your existing wireless service to communicate between the 2 devices. The transfer speed will depend on numerous factors including the speed of the wireless connection that you are using, the image size/quality settings and the speed of your memory card. The memory card is a factor because the image is saved to the memory card prior to being transmitted via the wireless device. Because of these factors we do not publish any specific transfer rates for the device. Per the technical specifications the WiFi connection is 11b/g/n”

    Thank yoy

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