Introducing the Westcott “Terry White” Travel Portrait Lighting Kit


You might remember that I recently reviewed the NEW Westcott Rapid Box 26″ Octa softbox. In that review I actually put together the items that I would travel with to do a portrait shoot. Well it seems that Westcott and B&H liked it so much that they honored me by naming it after me. Introducing the Westcott Terry White Travel Portrait Lighting Kit! How cool is that? I remember when B&H did this for Scott Kelby back when he was touring with his Light It, Shoot it, Retouch it Kit. I know what some of you are thinking so let me address your question now. Nope I’m not getting a single dime from Westcott. Nada! Zip! Zilch! I recommend products here because I use them, not because I get paid to promote them (with the exception of Adobe of course since that is my employer/day job). The point of this kit is that I now have a single URL to refer people to when they want to know/buy my setup rather than having to send them 4-5 different links. From what I heard, some of my readers even printed out my review and took it the WPPI show and shopped with it at the show.

The only thing that the kit doesn’t include is the speedlight. The reason for that is that B&H would have to create several separate SKUs for each manufacturers speedlight and it’s just easier to tell people to use whichever speedlight they want or in most cases already have.

The Kit Includes:

1 Westcott Rapid Octa 26″ Box

1 Westcott X-Drop kit “white” background

1 lightstand to hold the Rapid Oct and your speedlight

2 Pocket Wizard PlusX Transceivers


I’m also happy to announce that B&H has marked it down as an introductory offer taking $25.95 off the price. You can check the kit out here.

It’s quite an honor as a photographer to recognized by both Westcott and B&H and I thank everyone for your support and being a fan of my work. See more of my gear here.

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    1. I haven’t used the Exbox II Octa, but at quick glance it looks like you’d have to buy more pieces to be able to use it with a speedlight.

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