I Went With a Caze Zero 5 for my iPhone 5

When I wrote my iPhone 5 review, I indicated that I was waiting for the case that I really wanted to arrive. Well it did and I love it. I can probably count the number of times that I’ve dropped my iPhone (all models) on one hand. I tend to be pretty careful, but as the saying goes S*it happens. Also the black iPhone seems to scratch more easily than previous models. For that reason alone I tend to protect my devices with either a Gelaskin, a case or both. I will ultimately put a custom Gelaskin on the back of my iPhone, but I also wanted “some” protection in case I drop it too. I’m not a fan of cases that add bulk and weight. Therefore I was looking for something really thin and if possible CLEAR. The Caze Zero 5 iPhone 5 was exactly what I was looking for. This is the thinest case I’ve seen and being clear it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the device. Also being so thin means that it fits in my holster.

You can check out the Caze Zero 5 here on their site.

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  1. This case looks nice but from looking at it on the website, I can’t image it giving much protection from impact. Perhaps great for a scuffs and minor ding against a surface but as for protection from any sort of mild impact from a drop, it might not be the right choice. I hear you about adding bulk, but the reality is that if you want true protection, to any degree, then it’s the trade-off you need to make. Again, I haven’t used it hands on and I could be wrong. Just going by the website.

  2. I chose to go even leaner and go with the Zagg front and back. They got a new HD protector that’s as smooth as butter.
    Then, I added a basic bumper. A little more expensive, but better protection for dropping, but still very streamlined.

  3. Beware ordering this. I place and order Oct 24 and have not heard back from the company to tell me it has shipped and they do not answer my 4 emails of inquiry.
    The company is in HongKong.I have asked my credit card co. to refund my money from this seemingly bogus company.
    Sorry Terry to comment here like this.

    1. Never got an email. However, the product did show up in a reasonable time (don’t remember how long it took). Perhaps not great for customer service, but not a bogus company either as my product arrived as promised.

          1. Same .. ordered on 10/26 not a word and status is still processing …
            Lets see what happens.

            Let me be clear tough , its not Terry fault 🙂


  4. I’m glad to hear that Tracy received the case. I also ordered on 10/24 and the company is giving me very conflicting information and no details at all about my order. Their website says my order is still processing. They keep telling me to track it after 24-48 hours using a link that is not even usable for U.S. customers (as it says in the very same email). I keep asking for shipping information which they haven’t provided and now they’re not responding to emails.

    1. I’m very happy with my Caze. As a matter of fact just now I placed an order for two more for gifts. I will keep you posted on the time it takes to get them. I went with the standard FREE shipping 5-12 days. The clock starts today.

    2. Update…I’ve received the case now. The company isn’t very good at customer service and the shipping is pretty slow from Hong Kong but I’m happy with the case. Hope you all get yours.

  5. Hi, I had a very bad experience with this company Caze. I ordered a case from them 2 months ago, it arrived after 4 weeks and turns out it was not as expected. So I tried to contact them to get a RA #, after multiple attempts I finally got an irrelavant respond, asking me if I want to get a screen protector. After going back and forth, and not going anywhere I had to report and open a paypal dispute. This has been a nightmare, and so today, after waiting for a month I just got an email from PayPal to work directly with the seller to find a resolution. What the?!?!?! This is absurd, I already shipped back the case and this may sound crazy but I’m not going stop pressing till I got my money back. All I can say, potential customer… BEWARE!!

  6. Thanks Terry for the review…just what I needed, I think…
    Was looking for something thin, light and not covering the beauty of my iphone 5.


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