I found the perfect smartphone car mount

iPhone 5 mounted to the air vent via the Kenu Airframe and running Navigon North America turn-by-turn GPS App.

I have been searching for the perfect car mount for my iPhone 5. All the ones I’ve seen or used to date were either too big or too cumbersome. Let me first explain that I also want a mount that I can travel with and use in rental cars. Most mounts fall into four categories. They either attach to the windshield, dashboard, cup holder or air vent. While the air vent ones I’ve used fit the bill for the most part they usually don’t travel well because they are too delicate or have too many pieces or are simply too big. I like air vent mounts and dashboard mounts best as they position the phone at a comfortable eye level to minimize distraction.

The Kenu Airframe is exactly what I was looking for


1. It mounts my iPhone 5 on the air vent. 2. It accommodates most phones even with their cases on. 3. It’s easy to clip the phone onto it and remove it (spring loaded). 4. It rotates to either vertical or horizontal. 5. It works on just about any vent style (round, rectangle, horizontal vents or vertical vents). 6. It slides right onto the vent in 2 seconds. 7. It’s small and very easy to travel with.

It reminds me of my favorite smartphone tripod mount, the iStabilizer.


You can order the Kenu Airframe here.


You’re gonna want one of these too

Get it here.

14 Replies to “I found the perfect smartphone car mount”

  1. Thanks! I have just ordered one. When traveling I’ve been using a bean-bag mount, but it’s hard to fit it into most cars in such a way that I can see the phone.

    For a permanent mount in my car, I am using one from ProClip (http://www.proclipusa.com). I like their clips because they are custom designed for each car.

  2. Terry, Thanks for the tip, I have look at a lot of these vent mounts and all failed my tests. So thanks for one that really works.

    I am doing more video with my D600. I am looking for a modest priced hand held stabilizer to keep my camera steady as I shoot. Have you reviewed any or and recommendations? I getting sticker shock……….

    Ken in KY

    1. Hi Ken, thanks! I haven’t looked at any stabilizers lately. They are pricey.

  3. It’s great! Went to the Apple store and bought one for the rental car I had last week, worked great, and I left it in the rental car. $25 rental fee 🙁

  4. Cool man, This is how you can cool down your phone. A perfect solution 🙂

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