How to Work With Images in Adobe InDesign CS5



In this episode I take on one of the most fundamental challenges for NEW InDesign users as well as Photographers who are tired of trying to do layouts in Photoshop (right tool for the wrong job 🙂 ). After watching this video you should have a good handle on not only how to bring images into InDesign, but also how to sizes them and display them the way you want.


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3 Replies to “How to Work With Images in Adobe InDesign CS5”

  1. Text Wrap – Contour Options – Type: Detect Edges is a nice tip. As for Mini-Bridge, it’s hard to break habit, since I’m used to Command+D everything, but I can see the advantages of also looking for the preview and data before placement.

  2. Terry – This information is great. I have been following your blog for a few months now and the tips that you provide are really invaluable to newbies like me to CS5!

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