How To Get Started With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3



In this episode I show you how to get started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. Sure there are tons of videos and sites dedicated to Lightroom and showing tips and tricks, but this time I'm specifically aiming at Lightroom beginners. Learn how to get started the right way with Lightroom 3 no matter where you're coming from in terms of image management.


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14 Replies to “How To Get Started With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3”

  1. Nice video!

    Presuming you work with DNG, saving metadata to files will still be a non-destructive way of post processing photos. Is this correct?

  2. Hi Terry,

    That was a perfect tutorial for someone like me who’s thinking of getting a copy of Lightroom. I wanted to ask you about the DNG format. Is there any risk of file corruption? I’ve read that some photographers prefer not to use it because of the risk that their files might get corrupted when converting to the DNG format? Also, when you save as DNG, can you return to the original file format, or is it permanent?

    1. You can:
      A) NOT Delete the originals until the conversion is complete
      B) Embed the original RAW file in the DNG
      C) NOT return to the original if you choose to delete it after conversion

      I have been converting to DNG since day one of the DNG format and after converting 10’s of thousands of RAW files I’ve never had a single one get corrupted.


      1. Thank you for the quick reply. With such a track record with DNG, I now feel confident in using it.

      2. I think it should be mentioned that Nikon (and maybe others) save some additional information in the raw files that cannot be read by Lightroom. Hence all settings will be reset to a lightroom default.

        Still, I prefer Lightroom and personally I don’t care much about not having Nikon presets.

  3. Although I’ve been using Lightroom for the past year and feel confident in it now, I still learned something new. Thanks, Terry!

  4. Hi Terry-
    What is the process for importing from iPhoto? I have literally tens of thousands of images spread over 4 iPhoto libraries and have been afraid of making the transition due to the number of images and how they are grouped in iPhoto.

    1. There’s not much you can do besides exporting the images out (folder by folder if you wish to keep them organized) and them importing/adding them to your respective LR catalogs.

  5. Thanks for the video tips… I have been using LR for about 3 months now and have some questions re. the backup and organization of the various files. Right now on exit I have the backup going to an external drive. The actual pictures are on the hard drive (C) and this gets backed up every week to another external drive.
    I noticed the other day there are files called Catalog preview files…. should I be moving these to the external drive ? Not sure what they do so am afraid to touch them.
    Anyway, thanks for any advice.

  6. Wow! I love your teaching style and can’t wait to watch more of your tutorials! You are amazing!!

    Thank you so much,

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