6 Replies to “Hey! Is that Lightroom running on my iPad? ;)”

  1. Terry, that is amazing, I was surprise at how fast and easy it was to use. If you change the preferences to put the menu bar on the iPad, it is like having a touch screen Mac.

    you think this might be the look of what might come ?

  2. Terry,

    Now that is cool!!!
    Really like the idea of doing this so yet again i see another reason (I’m trying to justify it to Mrs D) why i ‘need’ an iPad…lol

    Thanks for the info,

  3. Oh man. I just got an Android Evo over the weekend and what a beautiful product. From the apps to the workflow and experience, I was happy to retire my iDevice.

    I was stuck on the side of the road in a rainstorm in 95 degree DC weather, while sitting in my air conditioned car, texting and reading emails while watching streaming live TV over 4G and not having to care about whether I was about to hit my data limit (like one does on the iPad, right?)

    All I have to say is… I can’t wait until 4th quarter in 2010 when the Android Tablets all hit the market. It is going to change everything.

    When are you going to start reviewing some of the Android tech?

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