Hands On With the New Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit


During a brief visit to my studio between business trips I got a chance to try out the NEW Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit. I’m a fan of the Rogue FlashBenders and Diffusion panels. I keep a set in the outer pocket of my suitcase because they are completely flat when not in use. This means that on those occasions when I’m on the road and come across an interesting subject to photograph I don’t have to worry that I didn’t bring my usual, larger light modifiers.

The NEW Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit Changes the Game A Bit

I have all kinds of light modifiers in the my studio and smaller ones for travel and while I always looked at the Rogue FlashBenders as “great in a pinch.” I’m now looking at this new Rogue XL Pro as more of a primary tool for my on the road arsenal. The first thing I like about it is the XL part. It’s large enough to achieve better results. The larger the light source and the closer it is to your subject the softer it will be. So larger is definitely better. I also like the versatility in using it either to reflect light or diffuse it.


The kit comes with everything you need to set it up as a large bounce or as a strip bank softbox. It’s the use as a strip bank that I was most interested in. I use a large strip bank in my studio on a regular basis and I wondered how this much smaller one would perform. To my surprise it worked out even better than I anticipated. I typically use a strip bank to get nice rim lighting, but using it as a main light ain’t bad either.


Shot with a Nikon D4 (f/5.6, 125th, ISO 200, 95mm) and SB 900 speedlight with the Rogue XL Pro attached. The SB900 was triggered with a PocketWizard Plus X.

I was very happy with what I got with one light, but I would be even happier with what I could get with two lights or even three. Nevertheless, when I travel it’s usually with one speedlight unless I expect to or have a shoot planned.


When I head to LA next week for Adobe MAX I’ll definitely have the Rogue Pro XL Kit with me and probably my usual set of FlashBenders. If you have a speedlight and you want better, softer results with something that is EXTREMELY PORTABLE, then you should check out the Rogue FlashBenders and Diffusion Panels.

You can get the Rogue XL Pro Lighting Kit here or here on Amazon.

You can get the Rogue FlashBender Kit here.

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