Getting Started with DSLR Video for Photographers – Part Two



Adobe's Worldwide Evangelist for Video and Audio, Jason Levine is back once again to give us his second installment on Getting Started With DSLR Video for Photographers.

Download a FREE fully functional 30 day Trial of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and work right along side Jason.

If you missed part one, you can check it out here:



4 Replies to “Getting Started with DSLR Video for Photographers – Part Two”

  1. Terry,

    Looking to get a GPS geo point and shoot before I go on a trip….any suggestions, Perfer Nikon, but want range of quality, GPS most important


      1. Thanks Terry,

        Going to South America for 3 weeks was trying to avoid my D300s. I think I will buy the Nikon GPS add on. Cheaper I think?


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