Get the June Issue of Adobe Inspire Magazine on your iPad


The June 2013 issue of Adobe Inspire Magazine is here! This month’s issue contains articles on Adobe Muse CC, Photoshop CC, the CSS Designer in Dreamweaver CC and more. There’s even an article and video from yours truly on Photoshop CC’s new Sharpening and Upsampling capabilities.


Adobe Inspire is a FREE digital publication created with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) and you can get it here:

Adobe Inspire - Adobe


Don’t have an iPad?

You can also check out the web version here.

One Reply to “Get the June Issue of Adobe Inspire Magazine on your iPad”

  1. Ah, just as I suspected, if you already have Inspire on your iPad, all you need do is open it and it’ll update to include this issue.

    Oddly, iTunes didn’t see that update as one of the usual app updates, but when found the app in the iTunes store, the update button was there. I don’t know if that’s just a delay or if subscription services such as Inspire don’t update like apps do.

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