Do I still like my iPhone?

Today marks one week of dedicated iPhone usage for me and the number one question I’ve been getting all week is, “do you still like your iPhone?” I understand where that question is coming from. Most people genuinely want to know. However for the rest they seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. The industry and media hyped up the iPhone like no other gadget in modern history. So much so that there was no way for the iPhone to live up to all that hype. Some were even calling it the “Jesus phone.” That one cracks me up the most. Now that the iPhone has been out in the wild for a week, the same media seems to be waiting with bated breath for the tower that they built to come tumbling down. From what I can see, it hasn’t. Everyone I know that bought an iPhone is still enjoying it. Apple is rumored to have sold 500,000 – 700,000 (or over 1 million if we believe the AT&T Activation Rumor) phones in a few days time. The iPhone is now sold out in most locations. This is the fastest selling phone in history and dwarfs the Motorola RAZR by doing better in a few days than the RAZR did in its first month.

If that’s not enough I have to then hear from all the people with all their various reasons why NOT to get an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand reasons like, “I’m in a contract with my current phone “, “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t need it”, “I don’t buy 1st generation devices”, “AT&T doesn’t provide good service in my area”, etc. I have no problem with these reasons. The ones that bug me are the ones that just want to rag on it just because. We shall call them the “glass half empty people.” They say things like, “It’s just a phone”, “my phone does all those things already”, “I don’t see why you would spend $600 on a phone?”, etc. Sure there are phones out there that do most of the same things that the iPhone does and some phones even have more features. What some people don’t seem to get is that it’s not just what the iPhone does, but how it does it. Grown men and women stood in lines for hours to spend $500-$600 on the iPhone. There was a reason for this! They were NOT happy with their current phone or they wanted something BETTER. I’ve used my share of phones and gadgets. However, I can’t ever remember actually having “fun” using my phones of the past.

Here’s something that might help the “glass half empty people” put things in perspective. The iPod came out in 2001. There were several MP3 players already on the market. Most of which were cheaper and some even held more songs. Yet, the iPod came out into this crowded market and worked in a way that no other MP3 player did. It was easy to use, it flawlessly sync’d with your computer and gave you playlists. That’s why it took over the market. People to this day line up to get the newest models. Most iPod owners I know now have more than one. The iPod was supposed to be a failure. There was no way a $399 (just $100 less than the iPhone today) MP3 player was supposed to make it. However, it did and continues to make it big time with over 70% market share. People were yelling the same things, “it’s too expensive”, “it’s just an MP3 player”, “I already have an MP3 player that does all that”, etc. There are still MP3 players out now that cost less and some even hold more songs, but the iPod commands a dominate market share. So with that why is it so hard for some to see that the iPhone is basically doing or has the potential to do the same thing and that the user experience is what sets it apart? Sure there are phones out there with many of the same features. I should know I’ve owned a couple. However, those same features aren’t as accessible, aren’t as friendly to use and definitely not as much fun to use. Most people don’t do email or surf the net on their phones because the experience is so bad. Also most people that I’ve shown the iPhone to and let the play with it start smiling and before they know it, it’s time to hand it back. They start to get it once they’ve actually used it.

Is the iPhone perfect or even close? Absolutely not, I’ve got a whole laundry list of things that I would like to see improved/added (see my in-depth review). However, 99% of what I want done can be done via software updates and Apple is already rumored to be working on delivering a free software update in the not to distant future. The things I didn’t like about my previous phone could only be resolved by buying a new phone, and another new phone and another new phone and even then it wouldn’t be as much fun to use.

I don’t need to carry this stuff any more

I took the opportunity to go through my notebook bag and remove some of the gear that I used to carry that the iPhone has now replaced. Of course I don’t need to carry my Treo 650 any more, but that’s a one-to-one trade. However, I also don’t need to carry around my iPod with video or my iPod shuffle. I used to carry the large iPod on trips to watch videos, listen to music and watch podcasts. I used to carry the shuffle on my key chain so that I would always have an iPod handy in case I got stuck waiting in a line somewhere. The iPhone is an iPod and since I always have my phone on me, I don’t need a second iPod to carry around. I used to carry around a Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter (a very cool device) for detecting wi-fi networks in the area. Because the iPhone has Wi-Fi, I don’t need a separate device for this. I also used to carry a little pocket Sony 2 megapixel camera for those “darn I wish I had a camera moments.” Yep the iPhone fills that void too. I used to carry a little pocket timer that I used during presentations to let me know how much time I had left. You guessed it, the iPhone has a great timer built-in. There were also some miscellaneous cables and connectors I used with my video iPod that I don’t need to carry either. Now it’s only fair to mention that some of the items like the iPod video cables and camera connector don’t work with the iPhone. However, I can live without them as I hardly ever, like never used them. The one thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that I also have a Moto RAZR. Why? Because I was so tired of the intermittent problems with my Treo and Bluetooth support in my car that I bought a RAZR to use when I wasn’t traveling. Most times the Treo would connect, sometimes it would just simply disconnet while driving. Sometimes it would lockup the phone while it was connected and sometimes it would work just fine. I would come home from a business trip and take the SIM card out of the Treo and stick it in the RAZR to use on the weekends and days I wasn’t traveling. I don’t need the RAZR anymore either. I’ve been using my iPhone in my car the whole week without a single disconnect, failure to connect or lockup. It’s for reasons like this that we welcome the iPhone onto the scene!

Any problems to report?

Actually no! The iPhone is still working as advertised. I did have a couple of very minor things happen though. I went to re-record my voicemail greeting. Clicking the record button on the phone didn’t do anything. Everything else was functioning just fine. Finally I just turned to phone off and back on and it was fine after that. The only other thing that happened is that while I was connecting it to my computer to sync up, I may have inadvertently done things out of sequence and although the display said that it was syncing, nothing was moving. So I unplugged it and reset it (like you do on an iPod), plugged it back in and all was well. Other than that it has performed VERY WELL. Never missing a beat on phone calls or bluetooth operations. My Treo would lock up just sitting there. So this is definitely an improvement. Battery life also seems to be as good as advertised. Sorry to disappoint all of those (you know who you are) folks waiting for the horror stories, I just haven’t had any yet. Rather than sit there are grumble, get up head out to your local Apple store and play with one. Then come back and grumble. At least then your grumbling will have credibility. 🙂 Life’s too short. Try being happier.

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  1. Terry,

    I have been following your wait, first use, review and this one.. very nice and detailed write up. Hopefully, this ould put some folks at ease and let them try it. Its the mindset that’s hard to break into. Apple has been there and done that.

    Glad you are enjoying your iPhone.

  2. Loved reading this. I love Apple products but I don’t blindly jump on everything either but I knew the iPhone would be a game changing device. Not for it’s features per se but for the usability. I’m self employed so deep down I am “two people”. As a business person I do find it critical to be an early adopter so they I can provide support to my clients, open up networking opportunities, etc. Normally when I am in “consumer mindset” I usually wait till “second generation” or “proven time” but as a consumer I am also excited about the “little things” like how easy it is to find my own cell phone # – sounds silly but it was almost impossible to find on my old phone and I don’t have a habit of remembering my own cell phone number. It also hit me the other day I had a nice portable wi-fi finder and love that I can associate a photo with a caller. Once again sounds silly but from across the room I can quickly identify the caller.

    I do hope they can show seperate calendars by colors in an update, would like to do cut and paste and sync notes. I would also like to see a password manager (keychain iPhone version?) because I usually generate very strong passwords for just about everything – forums, blogs, password protected sites, etc. and I can’t remember any of them.

  3. Hey Terry,

    Great review of the iPhone!

    My only beef with it is the fact that its with AT&T. 🙁

    They do not have the world’s greatest customer service, and everyone that I’ve heard who has complained about the iPhone either says AT&T’s signal is weak, the customer service for the iPhone sucks, or AT&T is the antichrist. 😉

    If they had signed up with other carriers I would definitely be interested. But I am very hesitant about signing a two year contract with AT&T.


    Thanks for the review!

  4. Hi Terry,

    I have to agree with Darnell, I will not use AT&T as my cell provider. My experience with friends that use AT&T (Fresno, California) that call me on either my land line or cell, is that the call is always dropped. If I call them either with my land line or cell we always stay connected. I use T-Mobile as my cell provider.

    With T-Mobile’s introduction of Hotspot@home it is obvious the innovative carrier is T-Mobile and not AT&T, no matter how much propaganda Steve wants to give us saying otherwise.

    In the remote area of California that I live in (Coarsegold, California) cell service is a dream, with T-Mobile I can now connect to my home Wi-Fi network, which means I can now use my cell phone at home. To me this is more valuable than an iPhone and AT&T. This is only costing me $120 instead of $600.

  5. I have been using my iPhone for about a week, I Love it!
    I haven’t had any problems with it at all. The service is great (nyc) and the phone has worked as promised. I found out that you can actually use the iTunes player while on a call and the person on the other line can hear the music (mic has to be a little close to the headphones). You can use webbased applications to do anything from yahoo messenger to finding the closest gas station and what the prices are for gas. You can also play web based games. The only things that I would complain about the inability to add ringtones and the lack of games. so far you can only play games while connected to the web. Apple and att are working on both of these issues.

  6. Excellent blog entry Terry! The iPhone has an outstanding interface and if a few things were better on it (especially having an SD port and 3rd party apps), then I’d jump on it. But I have to disagree with your paragraph on the Treo.

    I have a Treo 650 and it does everything you’ve mentioned. With 3rd party apps, (some free) it acts as a portable thumbdrive, it plays videos, it plays MP3s with playlists, and it’s a meeting timer. It synchs with my bluetooth Jawbone earpiece all the time, every time. The only thing it doesn’t do is surf/email because when I bought it over two years ago, the connection was so slow that it wasn’t worth the $45/month it cost.

    So, unless Apple opens the door to 3rd party apps before then, I’ll be upgrading to a WM6 Treo as soon as it comes out.

  7. Thanks Robert, glad to know your Treo is working for you and I wish you continued success!

  8. Hey Terry,

    Which iPhone case did you wind up going with? Have you checked out gOffice for the iPhone yet?

  9. Hi Tom,
    I bought the case from Griffin Technologies the day I bought the iPhone, however when I got home I found I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I ended up using my same old case from the Treo 650. It’s a side holster style. Since the 650 is bigger than the iPhone, the iPhone fits in there loosely and allows me to take it out and put it back more easily. Alos I don’t like cases that obstruct the ports or cases that have to be removed before docking or attaching the sync cable.

  10. Grey, the short answer is yes, you can use the iPhone to play music in your car. However, it really depends upon your car and what you have available. There are basically a few solutions: 1) if your car has iPod integration, then you would just plug the iPhone in to the supplied 30 pin connector in your glove compartment. 2) If your car has standard audio in via a 3mm plug, then you would get the Belkin or Griffin headphone adapter and plug in. 3) if your car has a cassette deck, you could use a cassette adapter and plug in via the Belkin or Griffin adapter into the iPhone. 4) there may be some FM transmitters that work with the iPhone. I know not all of them work, but some do. You may have to turn on Airplane mode for the FM transmitter to work.
    I would expect that all the accessory makers are hard at work coming up with NEW solutions that work with the iPhone. You may want to wait a bit if you car doesn’t have iPod integration built-in.

  11. Terry,

    Thanks for your great reviews. I bought an iPhone a week ago and before I did, like any sane person, I read everything I could find about it on the Web. Your iPhone review was by far the best and was 100% right on with everything – the bad – and the good. When I bought the phone – thanks to you – I knew exactly what I was getting into, and guess what? This IS the coolest phone ever! Sure it’s V1 and has some downside (all nicely documented by you) – but I would buy it again tomorrow and the day after! Thanks TW – you da MAN!!!

  12. Do you know if the iphone is going to work with Ford Sync which is available this Fall on some Ford models? I can’t imagine that it won’t since they say “any bluetooth phone or MP3 player”. I have an iphone but I haven’t opened it yet because I’m nervous about the negatives I’ve read. Your review helps. Thanks if you have any advice on the Ford Sync question.

  13. Hi Marsha,
    I can’t tell you for sure that the iPhone will work with Ford Sync or not. However, it should at a minimum allow hands-free calling/answering with ANY car’s Bluetooth setup. The challenge for compatibility will be around downloading the iPhone’s contact list to the car. This is where the iPhone is compatible with some, maybe even most cars, but not all cars. So let’s say that the Contact feature is not supported on the Fords. You would be able to answer calls and make calls from the iPhone’s handset. However, you would not be able to see your contact’s on your Ford’s built-in radio/display.

  14. Hi Terry, I am a current AT&T user and i have no problem with the company but I have been researching the iPhone on the net for the past few weeks and so far it’s been good news but i still have that little doubt, Is it Worthit? so i have just a few questions for you.

    Is the Phone durable?
    Is it worth $600?
    Is it really like it is on TV?
    Hows the Battery life?
    Hows the sound quality?
    Hows Email?


  15. Hi Eddy,

    Yes, it seems durable enough. I wouldn’t drop it on purpose, but no problems yet.
    Yes, it’s worth $600 to me and I say that because I’d buy it again.
    Yes, it’s exactly like it is on TV. It works as advertised.
    Battery life is decent. I could easily go for a couple of days, but I was used to charging my phones each night before the iPhone, so I still do.
    Sound quality is good and better than my previous Treo 650.
    Email is AWESOME!

  16. Thanks for responding!!!! Hoping you would, i wrote that before I read your full Review and i must say you have convinced me!!! Your Review was the one of the best Mobile Device Reviews I have ever read, I am so convinced by this Article that tomorrow I am going to at&t to get one!!! (REALLY I AM) Thanks Terry!!!!!!

  17. Ok……So iI just activated my iPhone and the last thing I need to do is Get Email. What is the best server to sign up with to work with the iPhone? Gmail? Yahoo? etc.


  18. hi terry, i would like to get a iphone but i like the custumer service of t mobile would like to know if the unlocked sim work whit t mobile and also i travel a lot in europe , the iphone those work over there too ???

  19. Terry,
    How does AT&T service work in more rural areas? I would like to purchase an iphone, but am concerned about how the service will work where I live. I am in NW IL, 2 hours outside of Chicago. Also, is there any way to try the phone/AT&T service for a week and if it doesn’t work then receive a refund?

  20. Jodie,
    Apple does have a 14 day return policy on the iPhone. So you could give it a shot. Not sure how AT&T handles the return in terms of your signing up for their service though. I’m sure they do, but check first.

  21. I have been reading review after review. My only question that raises a concern to me as a tech freak is the text messaging aspect. I have heard that the texting is extremely poor. Can you give me some insight about this please?

  22. curious, I’m not a big texter so my usage of iPhone texting is limited. However, I’ve not had any issues with SMS messaging on the iPhone. I think the complaints come largely from use of the onscreen keyboard. It takes about a good week to get used to and after that you should feel pretty comfortable texting away.

  23. Hi Kevin,
    No GMAIL doesn’t offer PUSH email for the iPhone. However, rumor has it that they did just start doing IMAP which is great!

  24. Hi Terry,
    One tip you can let your texting friends know… iphone does not do mms messages as of yet (I was surprised after I bought my phone that I couldn’t text a picture to someone else’s phone). Anyhow, you can do this instead:

    1) open a photo on your iPhone
    2) click on the send photo link (bottom left hand icon)
    3) select to email the photo
    4) using the table below, enter the phone number of the person you want to send to, followed by the email prefix for their provider

    Boost Mobile
    Amp’d Mobile

    So, for instance, if you wanted to send an email to a Verizon user who’s number was 8175551212, you’d send to

    for gmail imap:

  25. ooh Terry I also forgot to mention that I love this company for their ipod cases…
    the one for iphone (revo) is total protection. yay!

    they are kind of pricey… but I’ve had my ipod for 3 years and it still looks 100% brand new thanks to the case.

    ok sorry to clog up your blog. i just get excited about this kind of stuff 🙂 thanks for your insight into the iphone helped me take the plunge to buy one.

  26. Terry- thanks for providing such a comprehensive site. I have a question:I am thinking about switching from a Motorola Q (which has Windows based software) to the iPhone, but I’m concerned about the ability to sync with our work calendar and email.
    Also, do have any idea about when newer editions of the iPhone wil be out?


  27. hi Terry

    Excellent indepth reviews sir… lucky to grab ur site as i was looking for the perfect reviews on iphone. Just guide me a bit on this. Am from pakistan and over here iphone is not yet launched offcially. All we are getting here are cracked versions imported or smuggled from US i guess!!! and obviously there in connection with att. A friend of mine just got it and he is facing the network and locking problems. He also told me they here in Pakistan, a local phone company is negotiating with iphone for the connection. Shall i get an i iphone from here after if at all they sign the contract with the local company? Or i should get it from US directly. In that case what would be the best. Will i face the same problems as my friend is facing or u think he might not be handling it properly and can avoid such issues???

    Your answer will contribute to your comission on iphone from the company if iphone is paying you for convincing people to get it:).. afterall ur doing a marvelous job and its a great favour to iphone and u should get ur royalty out of it. I REALLY WANNA GET IT. Guide me plz. Thanx and Regards


  28. Zain,
    Here’s the thing. If you manage to get a US based iPhone and unlock it, you will not be able to freely apply the updates to it that Apple will roll out from time to time. You’ll always have to wait to see if the update will break the hack (brick the phone) or be content that you’ll never be able to update the phone. So if you believe that the iPhone is coming to Pakistan, then it would probably be worth it to get it locally and legitimately.

  29. Thanx Terry for putting me in the right direction… i was also thinking the same way…but your advice reconfirmed it .I am now just keeping my fingers crossed and waiting that it does happen here locally. .

    One more thing? I have read some reviews regarding sms..that there is no privacy when ever we receive an sms..which goes that whenever we receive sms its message suddnely pops on screen openly.. i mean there is no privacy factor as on other cell phones its just an indication of text…but in iphone if we r receiving a text in a meeting or where we dont wana show it and keep there private there is no way to hide it?? Abig message suddenly all open pops up.Is it true??? I understand that its not such a big thing as we keep our phones to urselves not in someone else hands anyways…but incase what can b done or is this thing being rightly said by the user or the user is just making it a problem?


  30. Kevin,
    Yes, the iPhone can be used overseas. It is a GSM quadband phone. (beware of international roaming rates).

  31. Zain, when you receive an SMS message, a message pops up on the display that you received an SMS and who it’s from. I don’t think there is a way to turn that off. However, like you said, how many people are looking at your screen besides you? If you are worried about someone seeing your SMS’s when you are away from your phone then that would be a concern. Sorry.

  32. Heyy terry whats up,

    listen i have been reading ur post for 2 days..actually i was up last night til 2 looking for straight foward reviews on the iphone and this def is the best PROPS..anywayy..i am getting my iphone in 2 days!!! 🙂 and im at bangladesh so i will be using GSM for the service..yes i did unlock it so im going to play with it and see if i can unlock it myself(any suggestions on that?) because everytime the iphone comes out with new updates and i accept might lock up again..but i was really worried that the iphone not having MMS capability The last phone i had was a sidekick 3 and a samsung D900. Sidekick i have to say was the best thing that ever happened to me.I can contact anyone in anyway possible.ANd this is why i want the MMS on the iphone.So i searched around and found a beta aol messenger program that i HEARD works OK. i am def going to try to cuz its better than nothin right? here is a link:

    Again THANK YOU SOO MUCH for this review. Cuz your right, the iphone-haters all do say “its too expensive” and “whats so special about it?” they are just mad the phones they have cannot compete with the iphone 🙂

    If anything new comes up please keep posting…

  33. Hey Terry

    Thanx man… well it may still work not such a big problem…. however i guess if we keep our locked or if it has a password or pincode … that doubt of peeking in might go down the i right? or even then anybody can see it? hope atleast this can be done.

    Take care and

  34. intersted in buying the iphone but needed to know if you have any information on the Stereo Bluetooth capable with next generation A2DP. or how does the iphone bluetooth work to listen to music while at the gym or do i have to use wired headphones??

    thanks in advance for any help

  35. There’s no doubt the iPhone has been a “game changer” in mobile telephony.

    However…as others have shared their thoughts on AT&T as the single carrier for (aka Cingular, AT&T Wireless), they do not have the coverage as Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile in my area (greater Seattle area).

    I’ve been using a Treo 700p (which does have it’s issues but on balance it is a top tier smartphone, IMO) for about 18 months. The Treo 700p has EVDO, a 3G data network, and works well. The iPhone uses EDGE and is 2.5G, their 3G iPhone has already been “sneak announced” by AT&T recently.

    That means that version 1.0 of the iPhone will not work on AT&T 3G called HSDPA, you’ll need to sell your current iPhone on eBay or Craigslist in order to get the higher speed data network.

    Google’s rumored entry into the mobile telephony market is already forcing changes in the industry. Verizon Wireless has announced they will open up their network to different devices.

    This is all good news for consumers – the fact that phone models are locked into their carriers is so last century!

  36. The iPhone.

    What can I say. The phone looks great. email is good web is ok, still can not show a lot of stuff.
    The updates are not really updates, and the news is that the iPhone will not get a real update, but that Apple will come out with a 3G iPhone.

    Do not buy the iPhone yet

    it is missing vital updates that never comes

  37. Nice reviews. I’m in Rochester, NY and have Sprint. Why do I stay? Service is less than exemplary and Verizon seems to rule the airwaves but one simple word: COMMITTMENT; keeps me from switching. Contracts are great for businesses, bad for consumers! If I switch I have to know what I am getting in to. Researching the iphone is how I found your blog. So, a simple “Thanks!” for your time and info.

    I have been considering aolishing all my gadgets to become a ‘Techno’-no cell, notebook, pc, ipod, but not sure I want to disappear altogether yet. Besides my kids still need the internet for school. Thought of replacing everything with an iphone but it doesn’t seem quite like it is ready for that yet. So guess for now it is the status quo.

    One question if you don’t mind. How would you rate a Mac notebook in comparision to an HP Vista ladden device which is now almost a year old? Macs are considerably more expensive, are they worth it?

    Thanks again-Have a Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2008!

  38. Hey Terry awesome blog all i want to know is that is it worth getting an iphone at this point of time orshould i wait for an updte

  39. I think I’m going to wait to see what Apple introduces next in a phone, also looking forward to checking out the new Garmin GPS phone introduction in the 3rd Quarter.

    I’m not fussy, all I want is a cell/high quality digital camera/GPS/music+video player with high speed Wi-Fi internet (or Wi-Max) all rolled into one compact package. :o)

  40. Hi Terry, great tech blog. I found you by Googling “iPhone Reviews”, your blog is the most in-depth and detailed I have read so far. I own a business and want a second phone, my current phone, and recent purchase in December 2007 was the Motorola Q 9hr, a very nice phone….and my first Windows phone at that. I have had a Treo 650 since August 2006 and got a deal on it through Amazon brand new for $44.95 w/2 yr contract through AT&T.

    As you know the old Treo’s were on the 2 G networks the carriers had at the time and had painfully slow browsing speeds. My security company does, among other things, special events for clients and I have to sit (in my car) in parking lots during the events with not a whole lot to do, these events are often 5-6 hours long as well….very boring, being able to surf the net to kill time is a life saver but not on my old Treo 650….it was excruciating waiting for the web sites to finish downloading…it basically became useless to try so I just played useless mobile games or listened to music on it…and of course mine locked up all the time as well…but you gotta love those Palm Treo apps huh…lol

    I had been keeping informed on phone trends and technology innovations on cell phones and like everyone else heard about AT&T ‘s(and others) new 3G type networks, of course the Treo 650 could not be retro-fitted for the new 3G so my search was on for a new 3G phone….the Moto Q 9hr with it’s HSP (high speed) browsing capability of 3.6 mps plus it’s a Windows phone sealed the deal….I did look at the iPhone and read the reviews on it then (Dec 2007), had not found your blog back then yet Terry, kind of wish I did now…but the iPhone was not a 3G phone and none of my sites where I do security are close enough (I don’t think) to pick up Wi Fi since the closest is about 5 blocks away ( I believe the best Wi Fi signal only has a range of about 300 to 500 feet without large expensive boosters or repeaters like some municipalities are doing now in their downtown areas to attract business) plus I read about the iPhones basic missing functions like you have described in your blog.

    So I bought the Moto Q 9hr, it’s been pretty good, I did have to return it and get a replacement because I got the Windows mobile “Green Screen of Death” the phone basically had a cardiac arrest for some reason?? My biggest complaint on this Moto Q 9hr is that videos downloaded from the net (like YouTube) or even AT&T’s CV videos don’t use the whole screen…not even close….it’s like watching videos on a screen the size of a postage stamp….it’s the stupidest thing I have ever seen on a phone. Luckily your own videos or movies downloaded to the Moto Q9hr do play full screen.

    I came across Verizon’s LG Voyager phone and was blown away……it has everything….a full size touch screen like the iPhone (maybe a few milimeters smaller) another screen inside plus a full querty keyboard plus REAL TELEVISION!! I went to the Verizon store to see one and it was smaller than it looks in brochures and on the Net but still REALLY NICE and I got to see the TV feature on a working model…..I was in love….unfortunately I have a running dispute with Verizon over an ad I placed in their yellow pages awhile back and they screwed it up but still charged me and I refuse to this day to pay that bill on something I did not get as per our contract…they even admitted to screwing up the ad but said it was not in their “Matrix” to refund money or take off the charges they billed me for it….consequently it shows up on my credit as a negative and they said to get service with them I had to fork over a $400 deposite…the Voyager phone is $399.99 w/2 yr contract….i am not going to spend $800 to get that phone….so it looks like if I want a cell phone with a large screen I am going to have to settle for the iPhone and hope in the near future Apple will add some features to the iPhone everybody was already expecting it to have as described in your iPhone blog.

    The one thing I did not read read much about in your iPhone blog Terry was about how the process works when the iPhones battery has to be replaced…I know the iPhone has to be sent back to Apple, but their are other questions such as:

    Who pays for shipping? Apple or the customer?

    What is the turn-around time to get your iPhone back?

    What is the customer supposed to do in the meantime for a cell phone?

    What is the reported average life span of an iPhone battery?

    What is the cost of a new battery replacement?

    What about this toxic substance reported that the iPhone battery is made of and being discontinued at the end of 2008?


  41. Terry,

    Okay, now it’s March 08 and the question I have is – has Apple come out with the software upgrades to fix some of your original issues? My particular concern is did they fix the ability of the iPhone to sync with a Microsoft Exchange Server so that I can retrieve my corporate email???? I’d be totally lost without it.

    Have they added the cut and paste feature yet? I do that all the time. How about the contact feature where you can email straight from there or send a picture by looking up a contact?

    Do you still love it as much as you did after the first week?

    Sorry for the barrage, but before I fork out the $500 and commit to a 2 year contract I’d like to have all my ducks in a row.



  42. Paul,
    OK, it’s now March 20th and to answer your questions:
    Apple has demonstrated the next version of the iPhone OS 2.0 (1.2) to ship in June with FULL MS Exchange support via Active Sync and Direct Push. So if that is crucial to you, then I’d wait until June. You can watch the demo here:

    No Cut/Copy/Paste yet
    No Contact Search yet
    You can already email a photo to a contact or do a contact lookup from the email app just by starting to type the contact’s name.

    Finally, I love it even more than I did after the first week and couldn’t imagine using any other phone that’s out there. No comparison (for me). Would I like more of “my” features to be added, ABSOLUTELY, but even in its current state, it’s the best device I’ve used and I use it all day long.

  43. Hi Terry,

    I’m still in the research phase for the iPhone. My contract with Sprint is up in Sept. of 2008 and I’m just about ready to make the iPhone switch but I am truly concerned about AT&T’s service. I have been a loyal Sprint cusomter for just about 12 years and I have to say I’m very happy with the service. But…the Treo is not quite as cool as the iPhone. Mostly I am concerned about dropped calls with AT&T. I have friends who use this carrier and the dropped calls with them make me nuts!!! I know the contract with AT &T is exclusive for now, but have you heard any news that may suggest an additional carrier for this phone? I live in NYC and I’m truly surprised at how often At &T’s service is so bad. But I travel a lot and from all of my agonizing research it seems like the iPhone is the way to go. I do feel somewhat disloyal leaving Sprint, but I need to be a lot more connected to the web than I am now. Can you shed any light on this and help me feel better about AT&T? I’d love to know what you really think now that it’s been a while since this phone has been out.

    Your blog was excellent and I’d really like to know what you think since you’ve now had it for a while.

  44. Kathy,
    All I can tell you is that Apple signed a 5 year deal with AT&T and the first year won’t be up until this June. So it is very unlikely that we’ll see other carriers anytime soon. I have co-workers in NYC and FL as well as other parts of the US with iPhones and I don’t hear them complain to much about the service, except the ones in FL. I’ve had AT&T for about as long as you’ve had Sprint and I would say in all my travels I don’t get excessive dropped calls. As a matter of fact, my dropped calls are far and few between. Your mileage may vary.
    With that said, I could never see going back to a Treo! For me it would be like going back to a rotary phone.
    Thanks! Terry

  45. Terry,
    I am contemplating buying a slightly used iPod from ebay. I am currently under a two year contract with alltel (which, by the way is a great company… no dropped calls, ever). At&t around here stinks. My question is.. can the iPod be used for the wifi, mp3 player, etc without actually having the phone service activated? I’m very content with my current phone, but like the bells and whistles of the iPod. Also, do you know if the iPod would be compatible with the sim cards from the alltell htc6800?

    Thanks, Sandy

  46. Sandy,
    I assume you mean iPhone (not iPod). Out of the box you can NOT use the iPhone for any functions until it is activated on AT&T (or other authorized carrier in other countries) unless you hack it. Same goes for the SIM cards of other carriers. They can only be used if the iPhone is hacked (jailbroken/unlocked).

  47. Terry, Thanks for such a fast response. So, if the service was activated, but then deactivated.. would it still work in the deactivated state? I just don’t want anything if I can’t use it for two years. I don’t want it if the software and wifi capabilities are locked.


  48. OK..I am sure I will sound like I have been living in a cave for the past year, but I am extremely upset about Cingular’s and I guess apple’s inability to be upfront and honest about the 2 year contract that has to be signed with the iphone. I lost my blackberry pearl back in September of 2007 and decided to replace it with the 8GB iphone. I found out today that I apparently agreed to this 2 year contract. I hate to sound mad, and stupid I guess, but I just got back from the store i purchased it from and went to the display. AT&T has the terms of the phone in the smallest writing at the bottom of the plan options in fact I couldn’t even get a clear picture with my camera. I was also informed that it is on the agreement the customer clicks on when activating the phone through ITUNES. I think that is pretty screwed up, quite frankly. If you look at every other display at the AT&T store, the 2 year agreement is plainly marked in big lettering because, let’s face it, we sign contracts because we want great phones at smaller prices and are willing to take the agreement to save money. I personally feel it is their perogative to request whatever they want with their product, but the way the are misleading the public is incredibly wrong.I would probably not have purchased it with that contract because I hate contracts period and now I am reading how with a prepaid plan it isn’t required. That is some chicken sh#%! I am not sure what to do because I am locked in and more irritated then ever! lol…I asked the customer care (not too sure if that is the word I would use for them) and they said “I can’t believe the store wouldn’t tell you”. I said why would they? I’m not getting a discount. I walked in bought the phonel, picked the plan and said have a good day. Anyway, if anyone has any help or thoughts on this, please share them!

  49. I used to work in the cellular industry years ago and the fact that people think the long term agrrements are a good thing is exactly why the industry is having problems from consumers wanting to push legislation to get rid of the contracts, be prepared to pay more for a phone. Although I always buy my phone out right so i don’t have to be in a contract.

    I find it odd that Apple charges so much for a phone, and still locks you into a contract. When the industry started subsidizing the phones using the a backward retail model to begin with, it was just a matter of time that in the minds of the consumer the phone had no real value since it was being offered for a low price or for free, the retailers buy the phones for more than what they’re sold, they make back their money from the carrier as long as the customer keeps the service active.

    As for you liking your iPhone, lets be realistic, I’m an engineer, it’s communications device, it looks cool, it does a lot of thing all together, it can replace several devices, and being and engineer trust me that’s not a good thing. If has to be repaired you won’t have the music player, count down timer, and yes the cables. People found this out who bought television set with built in VCR’s (VCR’s being mechanical devices tend to break down which meant you were without television if it had to go into the shop.)

    People who buy iPhones or even the iPod want to show off, it’s still a communications device, and they’re are a lot of communications devices that play music, have a timer, alarm clock etc. As with iPod, I have MP3 player, that also plays movies, and i don’t have to keep them on the device, I can move the video to any computer of my choice something you can do with Apple products. they control the product and it’s content, but some people are happy having other people control things for them, I on the other hand feel if I buy it I should be able to do whatever I want with the product and it’s content as long as it’s legal, on my terms not the ones dictated by Apple.

    I like how Apple even came out with a new 3G phone that cost a lot less than the one that came out just last year, and was still being sold for a much higher price on a much slower communications platform. Unlike Adam, I’ll pass on taking a bite from the apple. 🙂

  50. i dont usually read reviews on phone however all the hype about the iphone got me realy envious on anyone who had one i would have one now however im stuck in a 24 month contract with my lg ku990 is it perfect certanly not sure it has a 5 megapixel camera and touch screeen however it is no iphone and if i had my way i would have one right now by the way good review

  51. I have always been a loyal Apple customer, but will never purchase another Apple product again….it’s a decision based on principle. I just got back from the last apple store in my state to have iphones. The website indicated that the store had phones left last night, so I went at open and they only allowed about five people to purchase phones, because they only had a few left. In sum, I had to make three tripes to Apple stores over the past five days and, because I didn’t have time to wait four hours at a time, was never able to get an iphone.

    I believe this is all because Apple has decided to ONLY sell the phone at Apple stores and not stock enough of them in order to increase hype and publicity around the product. They are using their customers as pawns in a chess game, in which they win a few extra billion dollars.

    I’ve decided, based on principle, to refrain from buying an iphone or any other Apple products in the future. They should think about their customers first and worry

  52. I have and iphone & our plan includes internet connection. Do i get charged if i use my yahoo messenger on my iphone? pls anyone help me..thnks

  53. Liza, If you have an unlimited data plan, you will not be charged extra for using your Yahoo messenger.

  54. Hi Terry. Great blog. Listen, what can I do with the bluetooth? Is it only for the ear piece, or can it transfer data as well?

  55. Sam,
    Bluetooth on the iPhone at this point is just for phone audio (headsets, carkits, etc.), no data transfer.

  56. I have an iphone and have a horrible time dropping it. I don’t know if I am just careless or if others have this problem, too. I put it in my pockets, and since it is so thin and smooth, it falls out really easily. I tried buying a case for it but I didn’t like the 2 that I bought at all. I don’t know if I am just a strange case or if this is a common problem for others. What do you think?

  57. Hey Terry,

    I recently watched your podcast on creating a custom iPhone icon for your website. I really liked the site, but I’m missing one thing. I followed all of your steps, but I cannot get it to work with my iWeb site. I’m experimenting with iWeb – trying to create a non-iWeb looking site. I obviously didn’t do it correctly because it did not work.

    Do you know where the apple-iphone-icon.png should be placed in the iWeb files? I also tried placing the code in the code resources file, but I’m not even sure I placed them in the right place.

    Just looking for a little direction. Thanks for any help you can/will give me…

  58. Sadly, I will be dropping my Iphone this year. I got it shortly after it first came out. I just don’t get enough service and have checked with AT&T many times. I need something that is reliable and will get my emails to me everytime and on time. I see happy people using the newer Iphone and I think this one may work better than the first ones that came out like mine.

    I hope you all have better luck with your Iphone and coverage than I did. I guess living in a remote area like —- Los Angeles,CA in a little known area called Malibu is just too small for AT&T.

  59. Actually Terry there is a app the lets us use the bluetooth in transmitting data it’s called iBluetooth and one that lets us record video on a 3G the Cycorder. Of course they aren’t in the app Store, because they’re craked but we ca find them on Pirate sites. My opinion about the iPhone. It’s awesome, it’s great, but the AT&T service sucks, it’s the thing that makes the iPhone look bad.

  60. My biggest complaint is the camera & lack of flash. Just saw a friends Droid & loved the camera. My question to terry is, is a new iphone coming out this year? What can you tell us about it?\nTHX

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