CS3 Tour – Live in Boston

I’m here in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center which is the fifth stop on the CS3: Creative License Tour. We have close to 500 registered for this event. I’m here with my colleagues: Sebastian Distefano – showing the Design Premium Suite, Kyle Thompson – showing the Web Premium Suite and Kevan O’Brien showing the all new CS3 Production Premium Suite. Boston is always a great crowd and we hope to learn a lot about Adobe Creative Suite 3 throughout the day.

I’m posting this blog entry live using Adobe Contribute CS3 during my keynote address. I hope to see you at one of the upcoming cities.

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  1. Today’s conference in Boston was wonderful. Terry it was great meeting you (I’m a big fan). I’ve been following your tutorials for a while and you are incredibly skilled.

    I actually purchased Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium shortly after it became available to the general public and think it’s one of the absolute best investments I’ve made.

    I look forward to learning so much more!

    Thanks again Terry!!!

    -Maritza Rivera

    ps…and thanks to Sebastian, Kevan, and any presenter I may of forgotten to mention by name =)

  2. Hi Maritza,
    Great seeing you today and I’m glad you made it to the seminar today. Thanks for the kudos. Take care!

  3. I loved the presentation and it was great to meet you.

    The presentation was great — it has been a long time since I took the time to go to one like this, reminded me of the MacWorld days of yesteryear.


  4. Terry,
    Thanks for a great seminar in Boston.
    I am concidering my next investment and am wondering which to upgrade first.
    Two questions I did want to ask are, Is CS3 geared toward the new intel Mac Pro? And, If I upgrade my Adobe suite before I upgrade my G5 What will I be missing?
    Thanks for your response.
    Thanks to Adobe for putting together a Great team for this seminar.
    Paul Antoine

  5. Terry,

    I second Maritza’s thoughts. The presentation was great and we will be upgrading our firm to CS3 based on the new features showcased yesterday, especially those in Photoshop Extended. One question that did come to mind. What software did you use to create your actual slide presentation?


  6. Paul,
    1) CS3 apps are (with the exception of some of the video apps which are intel only) Universal Binaries which means they run “natively” on both Power PC and Intel based Macs.
    2) therefore if you install them on your G5 they will run and all features will be accessible. When you do upgrade to an intel based Mac you will notice a speed gain.

    Jason, my slides were created using Apple’s Keynote.

  7. Terry,

    Yesterday’s presentation was very inspiring to say the least. The upgrade is definitely in my future (near future).
    Generally I am most familiar with the print based core products and I hadn’t considered the video end of things as much until Kevan’s presentation . . . I am now very interested in getting to know more.

    It was money well spent! Thanks to all who were involved.


  8. Terry,

    What an exciting presentation! I can’t wait to get started using these new tools – you’ve convinced me!



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