CS3: The Creative License Conference

I’m about to hit the road on a major tour and hopefully when I come to your city I’ll see you there! Register now for this momentous event. Be one of the first to learn new features and techniques available only in Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 that will change the way you work and create.

The Conference cities include: Chicago, Austin, San Jose, Toronto, Boston, Seattle Los Angeles and New York. We have an action packed agenda and there will certainly be a lot to learn. If you do make it to one of the stops on the tour be sure to say hi!

One Reply to “CS3: The Creative License Conference”

  1. The Creative License Tour is off to a good start. Enjoyed the first one in Chicago yesterday. Your presentation was great. I’m planning to subscribe to LAYERS now that I know about it. That’s what the conference did for me– showed me things I did not know existed in the CS program. RIght now I’m still working on Adobe Design Collection software (on the PC side) and Adobe CS1 (on Mac side). So when I upgrade to CS3, it will be a MAJOR jump.

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